Saturday, March 22, 2014

65.7 Degree Sous Vide Eggs

The first thing I decided to make when I got my Sansaire Sous Vide machine is eggs. Seemed like the easiest thing you can make with a sous vide machine. But there's really a lot of different ways to cook eggs in a sous vide machine. Not only does the temperature make a difference but the length of time does as well.

I was kind of hoping for a poached egg type of egg where the whites are fairly firm and the yolk is runny but I didn't quite get that. Instead the whites were just a little more runny than my liking but were white and cooked through and mostly held their shape but the yolk was not runny as I had hoped.

I later came across a post on Serious Eats that has lots of pictures of eggs cooked at different temperatures and different times that I wish I had looked at before making mine. But then I found a youtube post from Jeanette's Healthy Living who cooked the eggs at 63 degrees for 45 mins that came out perfectly poached. I might have to try that.

It definitely requires some experimenting. I picked up one of these machines from a Kickstarter for $199 and you can have one at the same price but they are currently sold out but will be making more. If you join their newsletter you will be notified when they have more available.

Breakfast with 65.7 Degree Sous Vide Eggs