Friday, June 28, 2013

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Quinoa Cakes

This had to be the easiest recipe in the Herbivoracious Cookbook. I think this is the only recipe I've done that I actually had all the ingredients for which is a nice change.  I used rainbow quinoa for the recipe. I didn't make the quinoa very far in advance so I had to put it in the fridge after it was done to get it to cool off more quickly

I followed the recipe closely but it's a recipe that you can change up by adding different spices. If you ever have leftover quinoa this is the perfect recipe. It is a vegetarian recipe but I again unvegetarianized it by topping it with some stewed beef. I'm thinking without that it may have been a little dry so it added some moisture to the cake.

Check out the video to see what all went into making these cakes.

Rainbow Quinoa Cooked Quinoa

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