Thursday, August 30, 2012

Gluten Free Asian Dumplings

mushroom dumplings  Mark on 1st
Original photo on the left photographed by Chris Court, Styling: Steve Pearce.  My version is on the right.

This is my 5th time participating in the Donna Hay Challenge hosted by JungleFrog Cooking.  I've been enjoying these challenges not only because of the delish recipe but also for helping me be more creative with food styling and my prop collection has also grown because of these challenges.  However I decided to challenge myself in a new way this month.  I was determined to do this Mushroom Dumpling challenge using only props I already owned.  This is the first challenge I didn't buy any props for.  I was really tempted to go out and buy some more colorful soup spoons but I held back. Since I didn't buy any props, the photo doesn't looks as much like the original as my other photos did but I like the result anyway.

I've been eating gluten free for a while now and gluten free wonton wrappers are not easy to find and am not sure they even exist.  I suppose I could have tried rice paper for the wontons but I decided to challenge myself by making my own.  I wasn't about to experiment making up my own recipe so I found a recipe on Penniless Parenting's blog.  It was the only recipe I could find that didn't include some brand named flour blend.  I wanted to make my own flour blend since I have a fridge full of Bob's Red Mill gluten free flours that I would rather use instead.  The only substitution I made was guar gum for xanthan gum.  I also used a lot more water than what was called for in the recipe.  I must have used at least 1/2 cup of water.  The dough rolled out nicely but was a little challenging to fold into dumplings. It kept wanting to rip but I managed to get them made.  It appears that is the price you pay for making them gluten free. The dough is more delicate and you can't roll it out as thinly as a gluten dough.  I was pretty happy with the way they turned out in the end though. They didn't explode in the water or anything and they tasted great.