Saturday, July 21, 2012

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Avocado Soup

Avocado SoupI love avocados they contain a lot of good fat and calories so if you're watching your weight you probably don't want to eat too many of them. 1 avocado weighing 150 grams contains 240 calories and has 22 grams of fat.  I'm no where near over weight so bring on the avocados!

When I saw Brenda (@culinaryfool) tweet about the avocado soup she blogged about I just had to try it.  She used a recipe from Martha Stewart Living Magazine for this and a cantaloupe soup which also sounded interesting but I am unable to eat any fruits high in sugar content for a while so couldn't try that one.  They look so cute in the little shooters she served them in.  The recipe makes quite a bit and I wasn't feeding an army so I served mine in some small bowls and still had some left over.  You might want to half the recipe if you aren't feeding a lot of people because the soup doesn't keep very well.

As you may know, avocados don't stay good for very long once you cut them open and the soup was no exception.  In fact, it seemed to start getting a little brown even while blending it.  A hint of acid like lemon juice might help to keep it greener.  The soup tasted more like basil than avocado, not sure if I may have used too much basil.  It's hard to measure leafy herbs like that. I never know how much to pack them into the measuring cup.

You can find the recipe over on Martha Stewart's site:  If you're interested in the cantaloupe soup head over to Brenda's blog which I linked to above.

Avocados Basil and Radishes
Author: Paula Thomas

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