Sunday, March 04, 2012

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Foodspotting at Hitchcock

Hitchcock RestaurantHitchcock restaurant seems to be Bainbridge Island's best kept secret.  This local farm to table restaurant has been open for about 2 years and is a nice 15 minute walk from the ferry terminal. They just recently opened a deli and charcuterie next door with house cured fish and meats.  But it doesn't stop there, they also have butchered meats, poultry, seafood and even serve soups, salads and sandwiches. The word is starting to get out about how good this place is as they are getting more and more customers coming over from Seattle.  If you're up for a little adventure and some good food, this place won't disappoint.

I went to Hitchock with a group of 10 Foodspotters from the Seattle area.  Foodspotting is a website where you can post photos of food you eat at restaurants using your phone.  It's available for Windows, iphone, Android and Blackberry.  You can also use it to find restaurants or just look at what pictures people have posted at a particular restaurant.  I like taking photos with my camera so I post my pics from my computer to their website:  There's usually a foodspotting eatup at least once a month in the Seattle area.  You can follow @foodspottingsea to find out where the next one will be.  Invites are usually sent via Facebook and depending on the location may be open to a limited number of people.  Valentina Vitols has been a wonderful organizer for these events.

Getting back to Hitchcock. We were seated in the back room near the kitchen and were all able to sit at the same table which made conversing with each other much easier.  Hitchcock put together a special Foodspotting menu just for us.  I am currently on a strict diet of no sugar, sweeteners, alcohol and gluten so there were a few things on the menu I wasn't able to try but there wasn't anything we were served that didn't go uneaten.

After our appetizers of oysters, mussels, a charcuterie plate and cotechino, we had two options for dinner.  I went with the root vegetable soup and pacific albacore.  The other choice was heirloom chicories and wood-fire Mad Hatcher chicken.  I admit I haven't eaten tuna besides the canned stuff or the raw stuff that's on sushi very often and wanted to try something new.  I was not disappointed with my choice.  The sear on the tuna was just perfect. I don't know how they made it so crispy without overcooking it but they did and it was the best tuna I've ever had.  Those that had the chicken claimed it was some of the best chicken they've had too.

Then there was dessert.  We ordered a variety of desserts, all 6 of them, to try out.  Unfortunately due to my diet, I was unable to try any of them.  They all looked so good.  The prosecco sorbet seemed to be people's favorite but they seemed to enjoy them all because there wasn't anything left on any of the plates.  I hope to make another visit after my health issues clear up so I can try some of those desserts.

*Click on the photo to see a detailed description of the food.*
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