Sunday, January 08, 2012

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Wedding with an Olympus E-PM1

I'm not a wedding photographer by any means but I go to a wedding every now and then and when I do I usually take quite a few pictures.  I had just received the E-PM1 from Olympus for the Pen Ready project and decided I would take it to the wedding of Mario Santos and Aimee Cabrera.  I used the E-PM1 for pretty much everything but the ceremony itself though I did sneak in a couple during the ceremony. I brought along my E-5 too and used that for the ceremony and the E-PM1 for the post ceremony activities.

I gotta say I was impressed by the little E-PM1.  I'm willing to bet if you looked at my E-5 and E-PM1 pics from the wedding you wouldn't be able to tell which camera was used for each photo.  There were a couple pics from the reception I didn't like the colors on for some people shots but I converted them to B&W and they looked fine.  I even did a video of the surprise Dirty Dancing re-enactment by the bridge and groom.  I didn't have the best angle for it but I thought the video turned out pretty well.  I didn't use a tripod but there was very little camera shake so the image stabilization seemed to do a good job with the video.

Below are a few photos from the wedding. The rest of the photos, including those taken with the E-5, can be found here: Mario & Aimee

MarioAimee02 MarioAimee03 MarioAimee04
MarioAimee05 MarioAimee06 MarioAimee07 MarioAimee08 MarioAimee09 MarioAimee10 MarioAimee11 MarioAimee12

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