Thursday, December 29, 2011

Pear Custard

Pear CustardIt's been a while, but this is my final recipe from the Allergy and Candida Cooking Made Easy cookbook. The new diet I'm on is even more strict than this cookbook so it's harder to find recipes I can use, especially in the dessert category as the only sweetener I'm allowed to have is green leaf stevia powder.  Pears have a lower sugar content than most fruits so I thought this would be a good recipe to try.

I used my juicer which I haven't used for quite a while to make the pear juice for the custard.  The juicer strips out the pulp so what comes out should be pure juice.  The juice seemed to separate though, leaving a  clear liquid on the bottom and a layer of cloudy, foamy juice on top.  I suppose I could have tried filtering it to get rid of that but decided to just leave it in.

There isn't much to the recipe just pear juice, eggs, homemade almond milk and a few spices.  It tastes similar to my morning egg drink which I sometimes put a little pear in.  I thought it turned out pretty well compared to most of the recipes from the cookbook.  This weekend I may try sprinkling some sugar on one of them and torching it to make a brulee.  Not for me of course since I can't have the sugar, it'll be for Mark.

D'Anjou Pears
Pear Juice Uncooked Pear Custard