Monday, November 07, 2011

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Cashew Mayo Cole Slaw

Cashew Cole SlawI was looking through my Allergy & Candida Cookbook trying to find what I should make next.  I ended up skipping a couple of the categories because I'm on a new candida diet that is more strict than my previous one.  So I skipped the beans and sandwich category and went on to the salads and dressings section. And honestly cashews or any nuts really aren't on my diet either.  Shh don't tell anyone. I looked through the rest of the cookbook but there isn't much else I can eat.  I may do just one more, from the dessert section.

I actually covered two different recipes tonight. I made a cashew mayo dressing which I used in the cole slaw.  The cookbook gives you so many different variations of mayo's the combinations are limitless.  You can choose from almonds, sunflower seeds, filberts, macdamia and cashews.  There's also a long list of optional herbs to choose from as well.  I went with a bit of dry mustard with the cashews.  The texture was surprisingly close to mayo but I don't think it tasted a lot like mayo.  It basically tasted like a thick almond milk.  It wasn't too bad mixed in with the cabbage and celery though.

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