Tuesday, October 11, 2011

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Chaco Canyon Organic Cafe

Chaco Canyon Organic CafeI haven't been doing much eating out since I've been diagnosed with candidiasis.  It's important that I eat healthy which means avoiding eating out and eating processed foods so I've been doing a lot more cooking lately.   There are occasions when eating out is unavoidable so I try to find good healthy places to eat if I do need to go out.

Mark and I went to the Seattle Smug Meetup group to see Rod Mar's presentation on sports photography and needed to find a place to eat nearby.  I did a quick search for organic restaurants Seattle and came across Chaco Canyon Organic Cafe which is located in the University District.  That's less than a mile from where our meeting was so it worked out perfectly.  They also have a new location in West Seattle.

I walked in and had a seat near the counter to wait for Mark to arrive which was only a couple of minutes.  I looked at the online menu before picking the place so I already knew what I wanted to get but they have the menu displayed up on the wall behind the ordering counter.  They also have regular menus if you don't want to read the wall.  They have a wide range of sandwiches, soups, salads and drinks.  It's all vegetarian, serve breakfast all day and even have a happy hour.  Beer, wine, smoothies, juices and a couple of food items are on the happy hour menu.

I ended up ordering the green coconut curry and a green goddess juice (cucumber, celery, kale, fennel and ginger).  You can also make up your own juice combination using any of their many fruits and vegetables.  Most of their juices contained apple or pear as a base which I can't have right now because of the large amounts of sugar they contain.  Mark ordered the basic bowl and a beer.  After we ordered we got our colorful number and took a seat.  After 10 or so minutes our food came out but our drinks did not.  We looked around for a couple of minutes and Mark was just about to get up to see if they forgot the drinks and then our drinks arrived.  It would have been nice if they said be right back with your drinks or something after the food was served.  It would make more sense if they had brought the drinks out first.

The green goddess was pretty good though.  The green coconut curry wasn't bad. It was all raw vegetables so it takes a while to eat, lots of crunchy chewing involved.  I might have eaten half of it but got a box and had the rest for lunch the next day.  The basic bowl was as you might expect, basic. It was simply brown rice and beans.  I had a couple bites of it but not sure I could eat it as a meal, it seemed more something you would eat as a side dish.

Overall I thought it was a nice place for a healthy bite to eat and wouldn't mind going back again.

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