Thursday, September 22, 2011

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More Allergies

Handful of BlueberriesI've been on the candida diet now for about 3 months and have had some improvements with my dermatitis. At first It would go away for a little while then slowly come back for a while then go away and come back. It did this a few times over the first month or two but the cycle seems to have stopped and now it's always there but is mild and you can't really see it unless you look really close. It's most noticeable when I get up in the morning. A little moisturizer helps to hide it.

So I've been drinking smoothies every morning and usually put some kind of berries in them. I've been alternating between blueberry, strawberry, blackberry and occasionally raspberry.  I don't usually mix the berries and try not to eat the same berry two days in a row and usually space them out 3 or 4 days.  My doc says eating the same things every day could develop allergies.  I know there are some that disagree with that theory.  I'd rather be safe than sorry.

Since my dermatitis hasn't been going away I was thinking there might be something else I've been eating that is causing it.  I suspected blueberries and citrus, specifically lemon, since I've been eating a more than usual amount of those recently.  I was previously tested for a bunch of food and other allergies which I posted the results to here.  I decided to make an appt with my allergist to get tested for those and sure enough I tested positive for orange, lemon and blueberries.  I reacted more to blueberries than any other allergy test I've had to date so my suspicions were right.  So now I have to avoid eating blueberries, lemons and oranges for the next three weeks and my food allergy antigens were modified to include those foods. We'll see if my dermatitis improves over the next 3 weeks and then start introducing those foods back into my diet and see if I have any reactions.

At least it is mild enough that I don't have to use any prescriptions anymore.  The diet isn't all that difficult and even though I'm eating a lot more than I used to I'm still losing weight.  I was about 115 lbs three months ago and am now down to 98.  Most of my clothes are too big and I had to do some shopping to get some smaller sizes.  I've also changed my diet a bit starting last week and am eating more good fats, mainly coconut oil and cod liver oil.  The cod liver oil is not very tasty and I may switch to cod liver oil gel caps instead.  Hopefully eating more fats will help me gain some weight.

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