Monday, June 27, 2011

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Candida Diet

I went in for a doc appointment last week to go over the GI and blood test results I had done. They had called me requesting an appt to go over them and to discuss a treatment plan. It sounded to me that my test results may have shown something out of the ordinary if they wanted to discuss a treatment plan; I was right.

My copper and Vitamin D levels came back normal. However my GI test showed my intestines were inflamed due to high levels of yeast. Looking up the causes of this I wasn't too surprised. Antibiotics was one of the possible causes and a few years ago I had my fair share of them due to recurring bladder infections. I looked up the signs and symptoms of this type of yeast infection and it didn't sound like it was all that easy to diagnose and some doctors don't even acknowledge it. One thing this yeast does is breaks down your immune system and could cause you to start having food and chemical allergies. Other symptoms which I have had are fatigue, mood swings, acne, eczema, poor memory, sensitivity to chemicals. This would explain why I was testing positive for practically every food test I took even though I hardly ever eat some of the foods I tested for. They say the more you eat something the more likely you will develop an allergy to it yet I had allergies to foods I rarely eat.

So the treatment plan consists of:

1. anti-fungal cream
My doc seems to think that this may be causing my dermatitis and suggested I try an anti-fungal cream for it even though my previous doc checked my skin for fungus and didn't see any. My previous doc was also an idiot so I wouldn't trust anything he says. I looked online for some anti fungal cream and found Derma E - Tea Tree & E Antiseptic Creme so ordered some of that off Amazon and it should be here on Wednesday.

2. Nystatin powder
Nystatin is an antifungal drug taken with water a few times a day for several months. Starting with small doses for the first week and each week increasing the dosage a little. This should get rid of the yeast in my intestines. I should have my prescription on Tuesday.

3. Supplements - Probiotic and Multivitamins
I've been taking a probiotic already for several months and am almost out so I thought I would ask if they recommended any in particular. The one I was using was a non-refrigerated variety and the doc said the ones you keep refrigerated are generally better. I've also been taking Vitamin D but no multivitamin. He recommended I take a multivitamin and they sold both the probiotic and multivitamins there so I picked some up. The probiotic they gave me is Klaire Labs Ther-Biotic Complete and the multivitamin is Thorne Research Aspartate Formula Basic Nutrients I.

3. Candida Diet
The doc didn't really say I had to go on a candida diet but said I should be fine if I just avoid the sweets. Of course I did some research on yeast and Nystatin powder after my appointment and it sounds like a good idea that I go on one of these diets and it was also mentioned in a handout he gave me but didn't think it was necessary. I am planning on doing it anyway since the yeast feeds on certain foods and makes sense that those foods should be avoided to have the best chance of getting rid of it. The diet isn't as bad as the one I'm on now to avoid the 8 foods I tested positive for so I don't think it will be too bad. I've got another 2 weeks left of that diet. Looking forward mostly to eating eggs and cheese again.

Some of the foods I'll need to avoid are fruits (I guess citrus fruits are ok), cheeses aged for more than 6 months, preservatives, alcohol, caffeine, pre-cracked nuts, condiments, sugar, vinegar, glutinous foods. So what can I eat? Lots of organic vegetables and meats, herbs and spices, cold processed oils.

I've found to be a really good resource. They have a nice list of foods to eat and not to eat on their site which is very helpful. I will try to stick to the diet as much as possible. I've already given up coffee and alcohol for several weeks so I think I can handle that for a few months. I've been trying out Teeccino's Herbal Coffee which is actually not too bad. I've also been trying for the past week to drink more water. I've always had problems with drinking enough water. It wasn't uncommon for me to go all day with just one glass of water or even less. I started drinking a minimum of 5 glasses a day last week and I don't know if that has helped or if something else has but the day after I started drinking more water I have had a bit more energy and don't feel as tired as usual. Today though I was a bit tired again and am thinking it may be due to the corn I had this morning for my elimination diet test.

So, hopefully in a few months I will be feeling better and can get this dermatitis and all these food allergies kicked to the curb and life will be back to normal or maybe even better than normal. This yeast issue has probably been going on for years and I just didn't know it and who knows how long I would have gone on before realizing there was an issue. In a way I guess it is a good thing I got dermatitis from epoxy or things may have gotten much worse.

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  1. Me I'm using Dr. Mercola's probiotics supplement. I think it's good and ever since I used it I didn't get any problem with my digestive system. Looks like it works well with me.