Wednesday, May 11, 2011

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Tequila Lime Cocktail

Tres Generaciones Margarita The last section of the Authentic Mexican Cookbook brings drinks (bebidas). I chose to make the most well known Mexican cocktail, a margarita.

Even the drinks in this cookbook are time consuming. It's a pretty simple recipe but it does take 2 hours to make. It takes time to make the lime base and zesting a bunch of limes. I got Mark to help me with that job.

I'm not sure if it's traditional to put egg white in a margarita. I can't recall ever having had one like that before. It was listed as an optional ingredient but I went ahead and used one anyway and we didn't die. I've had drinks with egg white in them before, well maybe one. A pisco sour, a traditional Peruvian cocktail has egg white in it which I had many times while traveling through Peru and also had one at Zig Zag, a local Seattle bar. The foam on top of the margarita reminded me a lot of a pisco sour.

Limes Lime Zest Water
Margarita Blending Margarita Pitcher

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