Thursday, May 19, 2011

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Allergy Test Results

I decided to create a separate blog post for my allergy test results rather than tacking them onto an already crazy long blog post on health issues I posted the other day. I've been tested for 9 foods and 29 other non-food tests.

FOOD RESULTS (5/16/11)
positive: corn, soy, dairy, egg
negative: wheat

FOOD RESULTS (5/23/11)
positive: rice, tomato, potato, bakers yeast
negative: none

postive: Alder and Atriplex X (pines)
negative: Coast Tree Mix, Coast Weed Mix, Coast Grass Mix, Inland Tree X, Inland Weed X, Inland Grass, Chenopodium X, Scotchbroom, Cedar

positive: Alternaria, Aspergillus, Hormodendrum, Penicillium, Pullaria, Trichophyton achoenleinii
negative: Curvularia, Mucor, Stachybotrys

positive: House Dust, American Mite, European Mite, Claudosporium Fulvum, Cat, Dog, Cockroach
negative: Candida, Feather

I took a pic of my arm after the 2nd round of tests today. I was mostly allergic to mites and molds and not too much with pollen. She was most surprised that I wasn't allergic to Candida. I was given two vials of sublingual antigen to take on a daily basis for the mold/pollen allergies which is supposed to help relieve any symptoms I may be having from them. It's hard to tell if my dermatitis is due to food or one of these other allergies or something else altogether. I will be shopping for an air cleaner and dust/mite proof pillow and mattress covers. They say these are cyclic allergies and not fixed so hopefully in time I won't have them anymore.

Next steps are to eliminate all my food allergies from my diet for the next 3 weeks while taking antigen drops daily. After the three weeks I'll get to eat one of the foods I'm allergic to and see if there is any reaction to it. Every couple of days I'll try another food. With any luck I'll not have any reaction to them and I'll be able to keep eating them but if there is a bad reaction to any I'll have to remove it from my diet for a long period of time. Probably a couple of months. Only time will tell if this will eliminate my dermatitis issue.

I've already done a lot of work to take care of some of these allergies I have. I just bought a Honeywell air purifier from Costco today and I've ordered some mite proof pillow and mattres covers, new furnace filter, mold/mildew cleaner, de-mite for laundry so I don't have to use extra hot water to get rid of the mites, new shower curtain, and some cat/dog dander removal stuff. That should give me a good start on cleaning up some of the bad stuff.

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