Thursday, May 19, 2011

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Adam's Bistro and Brewery

Adam's Bistro and BreweryI drive by the place multiple times a week and I never even noticed the old Sailfish restaurant was now Adam's Bistro. I only went to Sailfish once and wasn't all that impressed. I thought it was a little overpriced. Monroe isn't really known for it's "nice" restaurants. Sockeye is probably the only one, that is until Adam's opened.

We stopped at Adam's on the way home from a photo shoot a few weeks ago. I've been wanting to check it out ever since I saw an article about it online. The chef, Adam Hoffman, took over the building which was the Sailfish for as long as I've lived here. What caught my eye in the article was that he used to work with Thierry Rautureau, "The Chef in the Hat". I had met him during a Lou Manna photography workshop at Rovers in Seattle and was pretty impressed with it. He also competed in Top Chef Masters. Adam's impressive resume includes working at Figaro Bistro, Cafe Juanita and Mauro Golmarvi's Assaggio. He seems a little over-qualified for a restaurant in Monroe but maybe it's just what the town needs.

We arrived around 6:00 just in time for the dinner rush. Mark dropped me off before looking for parking just to see if they had room. I stepped in and they looked fairly busy but not a huge line of people waiting. It took a few minutes for someone to greet me. I asked about the wait and if reservations were required. He seemed a little overwhelmed and confused and finally said it would probably be a half hour. I said I'd be right back and went out to tell Mark what the situation was. We agreed to wait for a table so he went to park down the block and I walked back in. I wasn't seated more than a couple of minutes when he came back and said a table was ready. That was the quickest half hour I've ever seen. A few minutes later Mark walked in, surprised to see me sitting at a table. Apparently they weren't as busy as they thought. I saw at least a couple of tables still open. Maybe they had some reservation cancellations.

A basket of bread and butter arrived to our table, only three pieces though. We were pretty hungry and finished them off quickly but it wasn't long before another basket of bread arrived. The prices were pretty much what I had expected which is pricey for Monroe but typical for what you might find in Seattle for this type of restaurant. The entrees ranged from $12 burgers to a $20 roasted duck breast. They also have a variety of appetizers, soups and salads ranging from $6-9.

We ordered some drinks, a glass of wine for me and a beer for Mark. Mark couldn't decide what to get so I ordered for the both of us which I think confused the waitress. I decided on the fish of the day which was Alaskan King Salmon and lemon couscous with fennel and the roasted chicken with curry spiced farro and mushrooms. We shared the meals though I let Mark keep the mushrooms. It was all tasty, the salmon was cooked perfectly and the chicken tasted like it had been marinated for days. It had a lot of flavor all the way through. We took home leftovers and as usual didn't leave room for dessert.

We asked about a happy hour but they currently don't have one but may be starting one in the summer. I hear they have really good burgers there too so would like to go back again to give those a try.

Adam's Bistro Signage
Adam's Bistro Bar
Adam's Bistro Kitchen
Adam's Menu
Adam's Fish of the Day
Roasted Chicken

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  1. Fantastic photo's. Thanks for the opportunity to cook for you.......Chef Adam

  2. I 'sorta' know what you mean about 'nice' restaurants in Monroe, however if you consider Adam's in the 'nice' restaurant, then we have several in Monroe. We have Sockeyes (considered the top of the restaurant heap), Canyon's (now Tuscano's Italian), Mi Tierra, Benjarong Thai, Bella Balducci Mediterranean, and until recently, the fabulous Indian Clay Oven.

  3. I did mention Sockeye as being in that nice category. I guess it depends on your definition of nice. I do think the other restaurants you listed are pretty good but I think they are in a different class than Sockeye and Adam's. I liked Clay Oven a lot when it first opened but it wasn't as good the last few times I went which was quite a while ago. I haven't tried the new Tuscano's yet and hadn't heard of Bella Balducci's. Will have to check those out some time.

  4. Nice review - I recommend the burger. We went to Adams a few weeks ago - like you to check it out, and I forgot my camera or would have reviewed it as well! The food was amazing and worth ever penny! I disagree with anonymous, Monroe is VERY lacking of "nice" restaurants that have the "full package" and this is one of the few if not the only one right now. Do not waste your time at Tuscano's (see my review), and Bella Balducci's was so overpriced for such small portions, it was ridiculous! We do enjoy Benjarong and the local Mexican establishments, but we could use a few other good places. Thanks for the review!