Monday, April 04, 2011

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Pollo en Escabeche

Pollo en Escabeche by gapey, on FlickrRick Bayless' English translation of this dish is Chicken Thighs with Vinegar, Oil and Aromatic Spices. This was a recipe from the Poultry section of his Authentic Mexican Cookbook. This was my 10th recipe from the cookbook and I'm just a few weeks (categories) away from completing this project.

The only ingredient I had trouble locating in this recipe was the Xcatiques or banana peppers. I called around to several locations that I thought might have them and it seems they are not in season and it would be tough to find any until summer time. I did some Googling to see what kind of peppers I could substitute since there were no other options mentioned in this recipe. I ended up going with Anaheims which I was able to find at Whole Foods in Redmond. I also ran out of Oregano. I knew I was getting low and meant to get some during my last grocery trip but forgot to put it on my list so I ran out. I had some Italian Seasoning that I used as a substitute. It had oregano in it so why not? It seemed to work out fine. The only other ingredient I had to buy was the chicken. It seems like every cookbook I go through there's one or two ingredients that is used a lot. The ones I've used most with this cookbook are bay leaves and ancho chiles. I don't use bay leaves too often normally but I've gone through a jar of them that I've had in my cupboard for a while and had to buy more.

It was my first time roasting chiles and the smell brought back memories of when my mom used to roast them when I was a kid. Rick gave a few options for how to roast them. I first tried his favorite method which is roasting them over an open flame (my gas burner). It was taking longer than I would have liked so I decided to skip that method and go with what my mom does and just stick them in the oven on broil until they turn black. It was much easier and faster than standing over the stove roasting them one by one.

One thing I found a little odd is that the chicken was cooked before being marinated. Most marinades I've used are used on raw meat. I used skinless, boneless chicken thighs but the recipe was geared more toward chicken with the skin because the marinade was to be put on the skin side of the chicken. I just put it on the side the skin would have been.,

As the English name implies, this recipe has a vinegar base so it is somewhat similar to the adobo I made previously. I liked the flavor the roasted chiles added to the dish. It gave it a little heat but not too much. It goes pretty well with rice as I found out with some of the leftovers I had for dinner tonight. The rice soaked up the tasty broth.

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