Tuesday, April 12, 2011

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Chile Relleno de Picadillo

Chile RellenosChile rellenos are simply stuffed chiles, usually poblanos. They are commonly stuffed with either a cheese or meat mixture. This one in particular that I made from the Authentic Mexican Cookbook was a meat mixture made with pork on a bed of red spicy tomato sauce. Chef Rick Bayless' translation is "Pork-Stuffed Chiles in Savory Tomato Sauce".

This isn't a dish I've ever made before and was yet again another long cooking project. Instead of attempting to do it all in one day I decided to break it up a little and prepared the pork filling using the Picadillo Oaxaqueno recipe referenced in the "Snacks Made of Corn Masa" section of the cookbook on Saturday. It took about an hour and a half to prepare. I opted to roast my own tomatoes rather than using canned tomatoes but I did go with canned tomatoes for the tomato sauce. I made a little extra filling since I had more meat than needed and have been using the leftovers for other things. I made tacos for dinner that night with it and also had burritos last night and still have a bit leftover.

I prepared the rest of the dish on Sunday. First I made the Quick-Cooked Tomato Chile Sauce referenced from the Sauces and Condiments section which only took about a half hour and just set that aside. I again got to roast some chiles. The recipe called for 8 poblanos but since there were just two of us eating, I figured 4 would be plenty. It didn't seem like chile rellenos would be that great as leftovers so I made just enough for dinner.

It had been a long time since I've had chile rellenos. I prefer them crispy but restaurants just don't seem to make them that way so I don't usually get them. I was thinking these might turn out crispy but they didn't. They were still pretty tasty though. I did have trouble keeping the rellenos closed while frying them. Some of them wouldn't stay closed so a lot of oil got inside and I thought they would be too greasy, but they didn't seem to be but I didn't think they looked all that pretty.

I decided to look up some youtube videos to see how you're supposed to make these properly which I probably should have done before making them. This video was one of the best ones I found on how to make them. Unfortunately it's in Spanish but you get the idea by watching it. After watching the video I realized my rellenos looked pretty similar to the finished product on the video so that made me feel better. However I also realized my batter didn't look as thick as the one in the video. He used the batter to basically close up the relleno so it didn't open up. I think my main problem was that I may not have beaten the eggs quite enough. In the video he stirred the egg yolks and flour into the egg whites with a fork while I beat them in with the mixer. I think I also used a little too much oil in the pan. The chiles were almost completely submerged in the oil rather than just half of it. If I ever make these again I'll have a better idea of how thick the batter should be and know how to keep the relleno closed. At least it tasted good!
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