Monday, March 28, 2011

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Pescado Adobado en Hojas de Maiz

Pescado Adobado en Hojas de Maiz Last weekend I moved onto the Fish & Shellfish section of the Authentic Mexican Cookbook. I made Cod marinated in a Mexican Adobo sauce and broiled in cornhusks. This is the first time I've used cornhusks for something other than tamales. I think it's the first time I've had Mexican Adobo too. I've had Filipino Adobo a few times and the only thing similar is that they both contain vinegar.

This recipe references the red chile marinade (Adobo) recipe from the Meat Preparations section of the cookbook. This can be made ahead of time and can actually sit in your fridge for many months because it contains vinegar, chiles and salt which are all used as natural preservatives. It says it takes a half hour to make but I disagree. It takes a while to remove seeds and toast all the peppers or maybe I'm just slow at doing that. The recipe contained 3 steps however I noticed the first step was not numbered. There is more than one edition of this cookbook, one would think mistakes like this would be fixed. It's not the first mistake I've found in the cookbook either.

I do like that most of the recipes have variations listed in the Cook's Notes section and decided to use the traditional variation listed for the Adobo. Instead of soaking the chiles in hot water after toasting them I ground them with the spices to make a chile powder. This makes a darker/stronger/spicier paste since none of the flavor is soaked out. There were also options of different chiles you could use. I had a couple of New Mexico Chiles leftover from another recipe so I put a few of those in along with some Anchos and Guajillos. I actually found the Guajillos at Mazatlan, a Mexican store in Monroe. I couldn't find these chiles at the regular grocery store. They seemed to have a pretty large selection of chiles at this place.

The prep time was listed as an hour if the Adobo was already made which I thought to be a pretty accurate time. I was glad for once I wasn't going to spend all day cooking like I have the past few weekends. It didn't take long for the fish to cook. There were two options for cooking, using a griddle or broiling. I went with the broiling option. The husks burned a little but the recipe mentioned they would. It really dried the husks out and made them brittle so they broke a little when I turned them so a couple had some of the juices come out but not too much. I garnished them with cilantro and fresh chopped onion and was supposed to serve them with lime wedges but just realized I forgot to include those. They were good but I'm thinking they would have been even better with a little fresh lime juice squeezed over the top.

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