Wednesday, February 23, 2011

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Chorizo SausageLast weekend I made chorizo using Rick Bayless' recipe in Authentic Mexican. There are tons of spices in chorizo, 10 of them in this recipe, and luckily I had them all and didn't have to buy any. The only thing I really had to buy was the pork. Safeway had a buy one get one free sale so I got a couple of pork roasts and put one in the freezer. I'm making some pulled pork in the slow cooker as I type with what's left of the roast I didn't use for the chorizo.

I didn't have a meat grinder for this but have a Kitchen Aid mixer so I ordered the KitchenAid Food Grinder, Sausage Stuffer, and Citrus Juicer and is even what Rick uses for grinding meat too. I have a recipe picked out from the Huevos (eggs) section of the cookbook that I will be making this weekend.

Stuffing the sausage in casings is optional and actually not needed for the recipe I'm going to make but I'm going to stuff some of it just for fun. I had to go to a butcher shop in order to find the casings. I checked at a few grocery stores and they didn't have any available. I got a couple of yards for less than $2 so I'll be doing some sausage stuffing this weekend too.

I will say, chorizo isn't the most attractive thing to look at.

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