Monday, January 10, 2011

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Blueberry Tart with Honeyed Creme Fraiche

Blueberry Tart with Honeyed Creme FraicheThis will be my last recipe to blog from The Newlywed Kitchen Cookbook. I've completed at least 2 recipes from each section and it's time to move onto another cookbook, but I will write another post later this week summarizing this project.

This last recipe was one of our favorites. The recipe is actually for a Marionberry tart but says any berries would work; so I went with blueberries because I still have a bunch of blueberries we picked last year at Life Mountain Blueberries in the freezer. This was my first time making a tart other than the tart in Chef Robin Leventhal's class I took last month. I had just got a tart pan for Christmas so it arrived just in time for this recipe.

The honey creme fraiche that was drizzled on top was actually made with sour cream because I couldn't find creme fraiche and couldn't seem to get it to thicken so instead of putting a spoon of it on the tart, I drizzled it on instead. I'm surprised how difficult creme fraiche is to find. I guess sour cream is used pretty often as a substitute. I'm not sure I've ever actually had creme fraiche so I don't know how close sour cream is in taste but it tasted great mixed with honey and drizzled over the top of the tart.

This is one recipe that is pictured in the cookbook and I found the topping of my tart didn't come out like that in the picture. Most likely because I used more berries and also because I didn't use all of the custard on one tart but saved some for a small tart that I made with the leftover crust dough. Even though it didn't look the same, it tasted great.

Pie WeightsI also got to use my new pie weights that I got for Christmas for the first time. I did have a little trouble with the wax paper sticking to the top of the crust but it turned out just fine since the berries covered it up. The recipe didn't say to bake the tart crust or the filled tart on a cookie sheet but I did anyway and am glad I did because some butter, probably from the crust, leaked out and onto the cookie sheet. It would have been all over my oven if I hadn't so I was glad I did that. Maybe it was supposed to be assumed but I am used to recipes saying to do that.

Mark and I are not fans of super sweet desserts and this one was just the right amount of sweet. I had to hold him back from eating the whole tart in one night. I think it was probably his favorite recipe I've made from the cookbook and might be mine too.

Blueberry Tarts Ready to Bake
Blueberry Tarts Cooling