Wednesday, December 15, 2010

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Ultra Crispy Secret Fried Chicken

Rubbed ChickenI used another recipe from the big meat, poultry & seafood dishes section of The Newlywed Kitchen cookbook. I won't spoil the secret to this crispy fried chicken, you'll just have to buy the cookbook to see what it is. There was an unexpected ingredient used in the batter for this one. If it was really the key to the crispiness, I don't know, but it sure turned out spicy and crispy, the best kind of fried chicken.

I meant to buy a combination of drum sticks and thighs but I somehow accidentally bought the package of all thighs. I admit I did miss the drumsticks, they're my fav, but it was all good. The first couple pieces I thought came out the most crispy. Next time I will do the batter and flour coating as I fry them rather than all at once. I did each piece one at a time and as suggested kept them in the oven to keep them warm which was a good idea. I think they crisped up even more by putting them in the oven at a low temp

Fried Chicken Prep Crispy Fried Chicken

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