Wednesday, November 03, 2010

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Four Cheese Mac and Cheese

Four Cheese StackThis is the recipe I've been waiting for. I've seen several people tweet about how good this dish is and I knew I had to try it. It was my first selection from the "Who Gets the Remote?" Comforting Meals for Lazy Nights section of The Newlywed Kitchen Cookbook. I've only made homemade mac and cheese a couple of times. LizzyDishes Stilton Mac and Cheese is my favorite and would be a hard one to beat.

The four cheeses used in this recipe are blue cheese, gruyere, parmigiano-reggiano, and mozzarella. I was able to find all four of them at Fred Meyer. I was thinking I might need to go to Whole Foods to pick some up, but I didn't. I am kind of wishing I had though. The quality of the cheeses there are so much better. The Stilton I got just did not smell right to me. I almost didn't use it at all but it tasted ok so I went ahead and used it anyway and it turned out fine. I think it would have been even better if I had used better quality cheeses though.

I almost made a double batch because I was hoping for lots of leftovers and the serving size listed on the recipe was 2-4. I ended up not since I didn't buy enough cheese for that. Probably a good thing because the recipe made just the right amount and we had lots of leftovers. One of my favorite elements was the topping of toasted panko bread crumbs. It added just the right amount of crunchy texture to each bite. I even brought the bowl of panko crumbs to the table so we could add more as we ate. I garnished it with a bit of varigated marjoram from my garden. I would have used chives but the chives in my garden aren't good for picking right now. I might have a new favorite mac and cheese. I'd like to try it again with some better quality cheeses though.

Peppered Bacon
Four-Cheese Mac and Cheese


  1. So beautiful, and honored that you liked the recipe so much!


  2. Can't wait to makes this recipe! Most likely, I'll make it for others to eat at this point, until I'm done with my super strict diet ;-)

  3. That looks, and sounds, absolutely delicious! I haven't made that one yet (and, like Valentina, I'm on a strict diet) but one day, I hope to try this. Indeed, the panko topping sounds fabulous!