Monday, October 18, 2010

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Bluemoon Burgers Fries

Bluemoon Burgers FriesI've been to Bluemoon Burgers a couple of times and always get the black and blue burger. If there's a burger on the menu with either blue cheese or gorganzola that's what I'll get, cuz it's the best! I would have liked to get a burger this time, but I had sushi making plans with Robin Leventhal's Handbuilt Feast class so I didn't want to get too stuffed before class. I was really only there for one thing this time and that was to eat the special fries that are supposed to be available for this month only. This month, Bluemoon Burgers are topping their fries with some of my favorite salt, chorizo sea salt from Secret Stash Salts. I pretty much always eat ketchup with my fries but these were so good, dipping them in ketchup didn't even cross my mind. I had my fries with a glass of red wine. Walking a block in the rain for these tasty fries was worth it! If you haven't had their fries this month, you better go and get some.
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  1. Great shot. I need to get back over there before the end of the month to have some more. The Pumpkin shake was pretty good as well. I've been warned that their burgers are great too.

  2. Right on. I'm so glad you had a chance to go in between sushi and pottery classes with Robin.

    I love the colors in this shot, notably the swash of red counter in the backdrop. The cup of wine is an awesome touch, too.

    I have yet to try the blue cheese burger, which gives me reason to return. Soon!