Monday, September 06, 2010

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Plum and Lavender Chutney

plum and lavender chutneyThis chutney was made using the last category of The HerbFarm Cookbook, Condiments and Candies, which means this project has come to an end. I will be doing one more blog post summarizing the project and give my thoughts on the cookbook. I plan on doing this again using another cookbook but am still undecided on which one I will be going through next.

The recipe called for red or purple plums, such as Santa Rosa or Friar. I used red plums for this chutney though I have no idea what the variety is. They never seem to specify the varieties at the grocery stores. I've never made chutney before but have had it before. I know there are many that have not heard of it, it wasn't that long ago that I had tried it for the first time. Even the guy at the hardware store that I bought the jars from had never heard of chutney.

I guess the best way to describe it would be like a spicy jam. The sweetness and texture is like a jam but it also has a lot of spice. In this case, the spice comes from red pepper flakes, ginger, and mustard seeds. Both vinegar and lemon juice are used in this recipe and act as a preservative.

It goes well with cheese and crackers, sandwiches, turkey, or even pork. So far though, I've only tried it on crackers. I don't post recipes from cookbooks on my blog so you will just have to buy the book if you want to try it out.

Red Plums Sliced Red Plums
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