Monday, August 30, 2010

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Grape and Rosemary Sorbet

This was the first sorbet I've made in my ice cream maker. The HerbFarm Cookbook has a whole category dedicated to sorbet's which I thought to be surprising. I would have thought these would be included in the dessert category like the ice cream recipes. I probably wouldn't have made a sorbet had it been included in with the desserts but since it was it's own category I was committed to trying one. It wasn't an easy decision because I couldn't find a single one that had easy to find ingredients. I even called around to Whole Foods, PCC, and Trader Joe's looking for some lemon verbena which I thought might be the easiest to find ingredient out of all the sorbet recipes, but no luck with that. Some of the other sorbets included ingredients like, fresh cranberries (not in season), rose petals (no specification of what kind and I didn't even know rose petals were edible and they certainly aren't something you could buy at a grocery store, would have had to raid a neighbors rose bush), black pansy flowers (hello! Who would sell these? How many people actually have a garden of black pansies?). The recipes didn't give any suggestions for alternative ingredients for any of the sorbet recipes like some of the other recipes in the cookbook.

I decided to choose the grape sorbet and instead of using the concord or muscat grapes that were listed in the ingredients, I went with champagne grapes from PCC. They're a very small, sweet, seedless, dark purple grape. The variety was not listed on the container label so I'm not sure what kind they were.

Quite a few of the sorbet recipes in the cookbook called for superfine sugar so I bought some at Whole Foods in preparation to make sorbet before deciding on which one to make. However, this particular recipe in the cookbook didn't specify superfine sugar so I ended up not using it. The grapes were pretty sweet and the amount of sugar in the recipe gave a range of 3/4 Cup to 1 1/4 Cup of sugar which seemed like a lot. I went with 3/4 Cup and am thinking I should have used even less because it turned out pretty sweet.

Champagne Grapes Rosemary and Grapes
Grape and Rosemary Sorbet

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