Tuesday, August 10, 2010

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Cinnamon Basil Ice Cream

So close to the end of the cookbook. This past week I made a selection from the dessert section. I haven't made a lot of ice cream yet this year so decided to pick one of those and went with cinnamon basil. The ice cream recipes I've made in the past did not contain any eggs but I know many recipes do. You only use the yolks of the egg so I saved the egg whites for egg white omelettes for breakfast the next morning.

I think cinnamon basil is rather hard to find so it gave the option of using regular basil and cinnamon sticks. I did a little of both. I actually have a cinnamon basil plant in my herb garden that I got for free from Mott's Nursery in Sultan when I bought a few other herbs. They weren't the healthy of plants so they were just giving them away so I got two of them. One didn't make it but the other one did. It's not big enough to be able to use for this recipe so I also used some regular basil along with the cinnamon sticks. This isn't a flavor I had ever tried before, but I thought it turned out delicious.

Basil Infusion Whisked Egg Yolk
Cinnamon Basil Ice Cream


  1. Oh, very nice. I bet that tastes really unique! Would LOVE to try some! I'll check out the book. :-)

  2. Hello there! I've been wondering what to do with my cinnamon basil and found your entry.

    I'm intrigued, but I have no idea how to make ice cream (I can eat them very well though).

    You won't believe how difficult it is to find culinary uses for cinnamon basil, which is a shame because it's overflowing in my garden.