Wednesday, July 28, 2010

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Pecha Kucha-Food

I found out about this event from Facebook. I had never heard of Pecha Kucha before but it has become a popular event. I did some research on it and kind of got an idea of what it was about before going but still wasn't exactly what I had expected but it was fun and interesting. I had expected there to be more foodies that I knew but only recognized a couple of people from other foodie events.

Pecha Kucha is a 20x20 presentation format. 20 images are displayed for 20 seconds each while someone speaks about them. These events usually have a theme and the one I went to was food. So all the presentations were food related. The first presenter didn't know what to expect either because he thought he only had 20 seconds to present all 20 photos rather than 20 seconds for each one. I felt embarrassed for him but he pulled through it.

The event took place at Ouch My Eye, an art Gallery in SODO (South of Downtown). There appeared to be a boob theme in the gallery because every piece of artwork in the place consisted of boobs and/or nipples. The thing that most caught my eye was a pair of hand knit boobs. The announcement for the event said to bring your appetite so I was thinking there might be some drinks/apps provided but that wasn't the case. There is a coffee shop connected to the gallery so you could buy some coffee and they may have had a few food items to purchase and there was also some wine being poured in the back of the gallery for purchase.

There were about 9 different presentations. Some of the most memorable and fun presentations were Ryan Rector from the Pike Place Fish Market, Kate McDermott the pie maker, Myra Kohn the Urban Adventurer, and Rick Baker the Hallava Falafel Food Truck guy. The last presenter was Sam Mcleod, author of Big Appetite. He gave a good presentation and had some interesting stories to tell but was a little disappointed that he only had one slide to show for the full 400 seconds.
Pecha Kucha-Food Crowd

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