Monday, July 26, 2010

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Coriander Mashed Potatoes & Maple and Herb Brined Pork Roast

Only a few sections left in the cookbook. Last week I made the Maple and Herb Brined Pork Roast from the Poultry and Meat section of the Herbfarm Cookbook. The recipe recommended serving it with either the Potatoes in Herbed Cream or the Mashed Potatoes with Toasted Coriander. Since I had already made the Herbed Cream potatoes I decided to try out the mashed potatoes. I think I made just about every potato recipe in this cookbook.

I marinated the pork roast for almost 24 hours in maple syrup and herbs. The roast I got was a bit smaller than the one recommended in the recipe so it took a lot less time to cook. I cooked it a little more than I should have based on the internal temperature but it still turned out juicy and not too dry. I just got a new oven that has a meat thermometer. I'm looking forward to giving that a try and hopefully won't have to worry about over cooking anything again.

I used a little less coriander in the mashed potatoes since the last time I used toasted coriander I thought it was too much and they turned out great.

There wasn't a lot of juice left from cooking the roast but I put what little there was into a saucepan and mixed it in with some gravy sauce mix to pour over the potatoes and pork.
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