Monday, July 19, 2010

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Chicken Breasts in Tarragon Cream

A recipe from the poultry and meat section of The Herbfarm Cookbook, and probably the quickest/easiest recipe I've made from the cookbook so far. The recipe claims only 10 mins from start to finish but the chicken took a little longer to cook than that. I think my chicken breasts were a little larger than what the recipe had expected. It called for 4 breasts at about 1.5 lbs and I used only 3 breasts which were just over 1.5 lbs so it took about 10 mins longer to cook.

We normally share a bottle of wine on the weekend and usually drink reds because we both prefer reds. The past several weeks though we have been drinking whites due to all these recipes I've been making that require white wine. I'm just about out of white wines from my Esquin Wine Sampler Cases and might have to actually go out and buy some. Even the recipe I have picked out for next week calls for white wine.

I finished off the tarragon I bought last week for this recipe. I'm still waiting for the tarragon I planted to grow up so I won't have to keep buying it. it's been my most used herb since starting this project. Loving it!

Loved the flavor of the cream sauce in this recipe. I just wish I had made some pasta or something to go with it and the chicken. It was rather runny though even after letting it simmer for a while. Adding some cornstarch or something to thicken it up a bit would have been a good idea. Other than that I liked how it turned out and especially liked how quick and easy it was.

Browning Chicken
Chicken Poaching in Cream
Chicken Breast in Tarragon Cream

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