Tuesday, June 01, 2010

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Smoking in the Rain

Smoking meat that is. For my 10 year anniversary working at ATT, I got a smoker. I've had it for a few months now and decided to put it to use over Memorial Day weekend to celebrate my successful end to Meatless Week. I went 7 days without eating meat. It really wasn't that difficult, but thought this would make a good end to the week.

I picked up a 5 lb bone in pork roast from Fred Meyer, the smallest one I could find. I thought however that what I got was a boneless pork roast. Cooking time takes a little longer with the bone.

The weather forecast did not look good but had originally intended on using the smoker on the deck that is until I read the directions which warn against using the smoker on wood surfaces. So, out it went, through the house and into the back yard, the coals already burning and the house now smelling like a camp fire.

It took much longer to cook than anticipated. Meat went in the smoker at 11:15 and didn't come out until 7:30. We kept lifting the lid to a minimum and added coals a few times throughout the day. We used Mesquite woodchips 3-4 pieces at the beginning and added more a couple other times during the day. Also squeezed some lemons into the water pan when we refilled it after a couple hours.

About halfway into the smoking it started raining pretty hard and the temp in the smoker was going down. We decided to cover it with Mark's umbrella and used my old tripod as a stand. It worked pretty well and didn't even blow over.

It turned out pretty tasty but probably could have used another couple hours of smoking to pull off the bone a little easier. Next time will be sure to get a boneless roast and a smaller one.

Smoker in action Smoking in the rain
Smoked Pork Roast

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  1. Just wanted to say I loved your rain solution, and a great photo, to boot! :D