Monday, June 21, 2010

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After going to the last wine tasting at Seattle Cellars in Belltown, Mark and I had planned to get a bite to eat at Pinxto but were running short on time so decided to stop at Kushibar to grab a quick bite. I thought it looked like a restaurant you might find in a foreign country. I later found it was described as Japanese street food. It looked like a place that might have some decent quick food. There weren't a whole lot of customers but the food took a little longer than we had anticipated.

We were served some water and a bowl of complementary popcorn. I'm not sure what it was seasoned with but the seasonings were very tasty. However, the seasoning didn't coat the popcorn very evenly. Some of it was way over-seasoned making it way too salty and hard to eat while other parts perfectly seasoned. Had it all been seasoned well it may be the best popcorn I've ever had.

We picked a couple of items off of the specials or possibly a happy hour menu. We went with two chicken skewers for $2 each. They were cooked well and were good and spicy. We also got a plate of shrimp which I believe were $6 and also had a good amount of seasoning. I think both dishes may have been better with slightly less seasonings. We had to eat fast so I could get to my cake baking class in time. We got the bill fairly quickly since they weren't too busy and it was easy to get their attention since we sat at the bar.

I thought it was a fairly decent meal for the price but could have been better had they gone a little easier on the seasonings.

Shrimp Chicken Skewers
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  1. hi! you should try their garlic butter prawns next time, it's really good..