Wednesday, June 16, 2010

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Individual Crab and Lemon Thyme Soufflés with Chervil Sauce

This week's recipe was taken from the Little Bites, First Courses, and Egg Dishes section of The HerbFarm Cookbook. This was my first attempt at making a Soufflé. It was a lot more work that I had anticipated. I kind of wish there were prep/cooking times listed for each recipe to help in preparing for these recipes.

I only had 4 oz ramekins and the recipe called for 6 6 oz ramekins. I decided to go with 4 10 oz Rachel Ray Ramekins that I bought last Wed with my my Amazon Prime account and got them on Friday, just in time to make the Soufflés. I'm not sure they puffed up as much as they should have during baking. I even cooked them longer than the recipe called for. They still tasted great though.

We ate two of them for lunch on Saturday and stuck the other two in the fridge to eat for breakfast the next day. They definitely deflated quite a bit in the fridge. I just put them back in the oven to heat them up though they didn't re-inflate but they tasted just as good as the day before.

The chervil sauce was from the sauces and other basic recipes section of the cookbook and is a blended herb and butter sauce. The recipe has many suggestions of different herbs you can try with this sauce but the soufflé recipe specifically requested chervil sauce. Unfortunately fresh chervil is not easy to find. It appears if you want to use it you have to grow it yourself, know someone who is growing it, or you might get lucky and find some at a farmer's market. I had never used or even heard of it before seeing it in this recipe. Kelly Cline described what it tasted like and made suggestions on different herbs to try and mimic the taste of chervil. I took her suggestion and combined tarragon, flat leaf parsley, and fennel. The sauce turned out tasty but am not sure if it really tasted like chervil or not since I had never had it before. I did think it went well with the soufflés.

Bread Crumb Coated Ramekins
Soufflé Base
Egg Whites
Bubbling Butter Sauce Fresh Herbs
Soufflés Baked
Individual Crab and Lemon Thyme Soufflés with Chervil Sauce

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