Sunday, June 13, 2010

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10 Year Anniversary Lunch at The Stone House

This April was my 10th year as an employee for ATT aka ATT Wireless aka Cingular. Despite all the company's name changes and management changes I've been able to stick with the company and even the same team throughout these 10 years. Employees get to celebrate their 10 year anniversary's by getting taken out to lunch by their boss with a $100 cap. Unfortunately my boss is in Atlanta and was unable to take me to lunch so instead, I took my team of 4 out to lunch to celebrate.

I did some Googling and Yelping and discovered a nearby restaurant that I hadn't heard of before. It got some good reviews, the menu looked great, and the prices were fairly high for lunch but still fell within the $100 budget we had.

For a change, everyone got something different and everyone seemed to enjoy what they got. I went with the King Salmon and Corn Chowder to start. It had good taste but for a chowder, I thought it was too runny. I also got the Truffle Tremor Mac & Cheese with dungeness crab and roasted corn. It too was a little runny for mac & cheese, but was still tasty and didn't have too much cheese like some other mac & cheeses I've had.

I'd love to go back again sometime to try out some of their other dishes.

The Stone House Entrance Stone House Sign
Truffle Tremor Mac and Cheese with Dungeness Crab and Roasted Corn King Salmon and Corn Chowder
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  1. Hmmm...looks and sounds like the pictures are better than the taste.

  2. The taste was fine, I just thought both dishes were a little runnier than they should have been.