Monday, April 05, 2010

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I attended my first Foodportunity event last week. Foodportunity is described as a "networking event for food journalists, Public relation professionals, restaurateurs, farmers, companies and all food passionate people". I guess I would fall under the food passionate people category or maybe a journalist since I like to blog and document food. I brought my Olympus E-P1 + 30mm F1.4 for taking videos and took stills with the Olympus E-3 + 12-60mm & 50mm.

The event took place at the Tom Douglas Palace Ballroom and the whole event was put together by the amazing Keren Brown. There were at least 15 different companies there with tables of goodies to share with the participants. I didn't try everything but did visit each table to see what they had to offer and take a few shots and video clips. My favorite taste of the night had to be the deconstructed beef stroganoff from Fresh Bistro, which was also the most photogenic.

There were a lot of companies and restaurants there that I had never been to but a few that I did recognize and have had the opportunity of visiting. Whole Foods, La Buona Tavola, Trophy Cupcakes, Ray's, and Springhill were the familiar ones and are all places I would highly recommend.

I am a fan of hard cider and was excited to see a table with a variety of Crispin Ciders to taste. I tried two different ones. They were kept nice and cold and were very tasty. Apparently you can find them at Whole Foods so I will be looking for it next time I go there. There was also a bar that was serving wine by the glass.

There were lots of give-aways during the event including gift cards, gift baskets, and other goodies from the various sponsors and partners at the event. Several tables were set up near the entrance for local chefs to share and network with foodies for an hour or two. Towards the end of the evening people gathered in the room where the chefs were for about an hour of speed networking. There were around 40 participants that sat in four rows with two of the rows facing eachother. Every 5 mins a whistle blew which signaled half of the people to move over one seat while the other half remained in their seat. It looked like a great way to meet people. I didn't participate, but took some pics and video of the networking activity.

Thanks to Keren for the song suggestion for the video I put together.

More photos from the event can be found on Smugmug.

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