Wednesday, December 30, 2009

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Is on Getty Images

I was sent an invitation through Flickr to start selling images with Getty. I have had a few images for sale on Alamy for a while but not much has come of that. I haven't really been very active on there either. They weren't accepting many of my images so it was a little frustrating. Since Getty has a partnership with Flickr it makes submitting images much easier.

I saw this blog post on the Flickr blog back in November stating Getty had a pool where you can submit photos to be considered as a contributer. Almost 2 months later I got the invite and they had selected 15 of my photos in my Flickr stream that they thought would make good stock photos. I don't know that I would agree with their selection on some of them though. They ended up not choosing any of the photos that I had submitted to the initial pool but the pics must have caught their eye since they went through my stream and chose others. Some of the photos they chose were from 2007 and really not as good as what I have posted in the last two years.

I have to fill out model and property releases for any photos that have recognizable people or buildings in them, even for self portraits. They are a bit of a pain to fill out and it will be a chore to get releases signed. I currently have 12 photos up for sale which is already more than I have on Alamy. I'm hoping the sales will be better too. I may pull my images off of Alamy and send some of those to Getty instead.


  1. I found out why they didn't select any of the images I had submitted for consideration. It was because the invite I got was outside of that group. One of the Getty people found my pics some other way and sent me an invite. I got a 2nd invite to Getty with some of the images I submitted to that pool about a week later. Getting double invited kind of messed up some stuff with my account but it's all been resolved now.

  2. That is pretty awesome. Getting work judged worth of Getty use is a goal of mine.

    I holding off on submitting anything for now though, as my digital camera isn't Getty approved. I don't think most of my work would make good stock anyway. Maybe some day. :)

  3. I can tell you that Getty is not picky when it comes to what camera you use and what your settings are like some of the other stock agencies are. Most have strict requirements for ISO settings and stuff but Getty doesn't seem to care. They are more concerned with the picture content than the quality.

  4. Good to know. I registered with them a while ago through their main site. They were pretty explicit about what digital cameras were (for Nikon digital, D200, D300, D700 and up). For film, they required professional drum scanning.

    Ah, the page with info is here:

    They had a whole test you had to go through to demonstrate you understood what grain was acceptable, what blown out pixels looked like, etc.

    I assumed they were trying to filter out amateurs to avoid getting flooded with submissions. Perhaps their Flickr submission process isn't as strict?

    I'll have to get organized and submit something. Thanks for the info!

  5. Wow that is interesting. Going through Flickr is definitely not as strict. I don't even have any of those cameras. Olympus isn't even on the list. It's annoying when companies require specific cameras or camera brands.

  6. Here's a link to another list of Getty approved cameras: Unfortunately I don't see D70 on that list.

    but, they say: "At present, the following cameras are recommended for submissions to Getty Images, but there may be other professional-quality digital SLRs using RAW format that may also produce acceptable files. " That says to me that will accept files from other cameras as long as they find the files "acceptable".

    So doesn't sound like they are too strict with the list.