Wednesday, November 25, 2009

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Grand Cru Wine Bar

I met up with a couple of foodie friends, Brenda and Nurit for happy hour. We decided on meeting at a wine bar in Bellevue none of us have been to called Grand Cru. They have a half price wine and apps happy hour all day on Monday and Tuesday nights. Even at half price the wines start at $8 a glass and go up to $17. The apps were more reasonably priced and started at $3.

I ran into Brenda in the parking garage and we took the elevator up to street level. Just outside the elevator was a door to Grand Cru with a sign to go around. We proceeded out the door and around the corner to another door which was locked. We continued around another corner to door #3 which finally let us in. We sat up at the bar to have a glass of wine while we waited for Nurit. The bar counter was uncomfortably high and shortly after Nurit arrived we moved ourselves to a more comfortable table.

They ended up being out of at least two of wines we were interested in on the happy hour menu as well as one of the appetizers, the black truffle oil popcorn. Nurit joked saying they can just bring us the Truffle Oil but they didn't seem to think that was as funny as the rest of us did. We ordered a couple of the Crustini Trios, Mushroom Ricotta Crépe, Pappardelle Pasta, a cheese plate and a couple of $1 tacos. I didn't try the crépe since I'm not a fan of mushrooms. Though the company was good, unfortunately the food wasn't very impressive. The tacos were probably the best thing we tried. We weren't offered a regular menu and didn't think of asking for one till it was a little too late. It felt dark and uninviting. The decor was mostly black and silver, very modern and industrial looking.

The wine was good, though I thought they could have had some more inexpensive wine options for happy hour. We saw a flyer advertising free dinners on Wednesdays. You only have to pay for gratuity. This seemed a little strange and sounded like they are getting desperate for customers. I don't have plans to revisit Grand Cru anytime soon even if the meal is free.
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