Thursday, October 08, 2009

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R&L Home of Good BBQ

R&L Home of Good BBQ doesn't have the most unique or creative name for a restaurant and I'm not even sure what the R&L portion of the name stands for. Don't let the name fool you though. The food is actually pretty darn good. I stopped by here for a bite to eat before heading to Scott Bourne's presentation on previsualization at the library a few blocks from here.

I had to drive around the block to find a parking spot. I was greeted by a few cheerful people that seemed like family. I made my order at the counter and waited at a booth until they called me up for my food which didn't take too long. I paid when I picked up the food which was served on a tray along with two slices of white bread. I chose the cole slaw for my side item to go with the pork rib plate. The other options were potato salad, beans and corn bread. There were also 3 choices of sauce: mild, medium and hot. I went with the medium as recommended by a few reviews I read and thought it was the perfect choice. It was spicy but not too spicy. The meat of the ribs fell off the bone easily and were nice and tender. If you get the ribs I would recommend asking for a couple of extra napkins. They can be messy. Someone came by my table often to make sure I was doing ok.

It might be the best BBQ I've had in Seattle. I'd like to go back and try the pulled pork.
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