Friday, October 30, 2009

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How I got my E-P1

Most people would think 6 Olympus cameras is probably enough or more than enough. I'm a moderator over at the Olympus E-System Community Flickr group so I read a lot of the dicussions there. There was quite a lot of discussions about the new E-P1 and tried to avoid them as much as possible because I didn't want to be tempted into getting another camera. "6 is enough" I kept telling myself. It was working for the first few months. I really honestly didn't have too much interest in this new camera. A few more months went by and I started seeing some of the images and videos this little camera was producing and started to become intrigued. I still had no plan to buy one, but I started at least becoming interested in it and reading and watching videos about it. The more I watched and read the more I wanted. I decided I wasn't going to get the E-P1. If I was going to get an E-P I would wait to see what the E-P2 had to offer since there are many rumors that one will be out possibly by the end of the year. So I had to be patient.

Then Lou Manna, an Olympus Visionary, came to town to give a food photography workshop that I had signed up for. I would have taken the workshop whether he was an Olympus Visionary or not, that was just a bonus. I've always been interested in food photography and have never attended any workshops based on food photography so thought it would be fun and a good learning experience. I was right. The workshop was a pretty big production and there was not much time to converse with Lou during the workshop but did get an opportunity to hang out with him and a couple other people in a more relaxed setting. Lou was walking around with an E-P1 in his hand. It was the first time I had seen one in person. He let me take a few shots with it and I was colored impressed. Just the weight of it was crazy light. I was expecting it to be more the weight of the old film cameras but it's actually much lighter. It was getting harder to be patient.

Another month goes by. I started a discussion on the E-system Community group asking people to post their blogs. There's a lot of blogs I've been following but none were really Olympus users so I wanted to see what was out there and start following some. Posts there have a tendency to go way off topic. Eventually it somehow led to discussions about xbox and PS3 and twitter accounts. So, I added a few new people to my twitter list, one of which was @sl33stak. Last Thursday he sent the following tweet: "Tomorrow is the big day,Who wins an E-P1 from Olympus?Follow @getolympus Tweet why ya want one use the #ep1 hash tag 4 a chance to win one!" I've seen these before. Scott Bourne is always giving away camera gear. I never win those but it doesn't stop me from trying. So I tweeted: "@getolympus The #EP1 is calling my name it wants to join my big Olympus family." I'm not sure how long this contest was going on but I only found out about it the day before they were to announce the winner. Around 2:30 on Friday I started getting DM's from @getolympus and on Wednesday I had a package from FedEx with a shiny new silver E-P1 with zoom lens. I started ordering a few things for my new baby last weekend. Panasonic Lumix 20mm F1.7 which arrived yesterday and adapters so I can use my OM and digital Zuiko lenses which should arrive next week.

It's here!

Thanks for tweeting @sl33stak I owe you one!

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  1. I am so happy for ya Paula! I am eagerly awaiting shots from your new E-P1!!!

    Congrats again!