Tuesday, October 06, 2009

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Food Photography Weekend Marathon Day 3: Seattle Food Photography Meetup

I've been a member of the Seattle Food Styling and Photography Meetup for a few months now but we haven't been able to attend any of the meetups until the September one. They meet once a month, usually at Jason Truesdell's place.

The only member I recognized from the group was Kate Hailey and she seems to be a pretty regular member so we were sure to at least know one person at the meetup. We brought a single light setup to the meetup with an Apollo Mini Softbox and Kate brought a two light setup with umbrella's. It was probably their biggest meetup to date with about 8 people. We brought pocket wizards and let people use our lighting setup if they wanted. Unfortunately or fortunately our pocket wizards were also triggering Kate's lighting setup since hers were set up as slaves.

Jason made a few great dishes for us to photograph and other people brought things as well. We made a stop at Costco and found some kiwi which made for a good photography subject.

Will definitely go to another meetup when we can. More photos can be found from the meetup in my Flickr Set.

Food Shooters

Berry Cups


Carrot Cake

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