Tuesday, August 05, 2008

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New Camera

Olympus E-3 First Shot
Originally uploaded by gapey
I've had my Olympus E-500 for 2 and a half years now. Olympus has come out with a few new DSLR's since then. There have been a few new Olympus users join the Seattle Flickr Group and a couple of them have the E3, Olympus' professional model DSLR. They've let me try them out and one even let me borrow it for several hours to shoot the low tide a few months ago. I had originally thought about getting the new E520 that just came out which has a lot of the features I wanted but isn't splash proof.

I decided to bite the bullet a few weeks ago and ordered an E3 off of Ebay from Cameta who I've ordered my past few cameras from. I got a couple hundred dollar discount because it was a floor model. I changed my work from home day last week so I could be home when it arrived and take it with me to the Flickr Brews & Views at the Garage. My first shot with it was at a wine store in Seattle. It arrived later than I had hoped so I didn't have a chance to play with it at home. I took more shots at this month's Brews & Views than any other I've attended. I just love being able to shoot a higher ISO and not have it look like complete crap.

I will probably keep my E-500 as a backup unless someone begs me to let them buy it. A friend is borrowing it at the moment to try out.

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