Tuesday, July 08, 2008

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Dark Room

utility sink parts
Originally uploaded by gapey
Today these parts will be transformed into a functioning sink in my laundry room. I have a friend coming over today to put it all together. I bought a sink with a table from Ikea and put that together myself even though the directions suggested it be a 2 man job. I enjoy putting crap together and making it into something useful. I did a countless number of jigsaw puzzles when I was a kid. Not quite the same thing, but it kind of reminds me of that. I just like buying stuff that's in a million pieces and then having to put it all together.

So the purpose of this utility sink install is so I can make my laundry room into a dark room. I still need to get all the dark room supplies and I'm most likely only going to play around with black & white. I still need to finish off a roll of color in my camera and start shooting some black and white so I'll have something to develop. Looking forward to playing around with this stuff.

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  1. Can't wait to see the result of using the dark room!