Sunday, June 22, 2008

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Caffe Ladro and the Solstice Parade

Another busy summer (if you can call it that) weekend was had. After work on Friday, went to a friend's for dinner and a movie. We watched Waiting on DVD. It was in my Netflix queue, but was surprised I hadn't seen it yet. It was my kind of movie. I love Dane Cook and Ryan Reynolds. They are some funny guys and cute too!

I then proceeded to Sean's to check out the Dandy Warhols at Showbox SODO. We got there in time to hear a bit of the opening bands which were not so good. The band was actually pretty good, but the lead singer seemed to ruin it for them. It was my first show at Showbox SODO. It was nice and cool, maybe a little too cool. It was an all ages show in basically a big warehouse. The main floor had a bar sectioned off. There was another, more fancy bar area on the left at a higher level than the main floor. It was actually a completely separate room with some garage doors and windows that open up to the main floor. There were tables and chairs and they also apparently served food there as well but I never saw the menu to see what they had. The sound was not very good from this other room. We sat through a few of the Dandy's songs there and then proceeded back out onto the main floor for the rest of the concert. It seemed like a rather short concert even though we were there till about 1:00. Maybe because there were two opening bands, but they didn't even do an encore...

Saturday morning rolled around too quickly. I met up with the Flickrites at Caffe Ladro in Fremont for the Solstice Parade. I was thinking I probably wouldn't have even gone if I wasn't the organizer, but I'm glad I went. I got a lot of great shots. Pretty much all my shots were from the staging area before the parade and at Gasworks following the parade. I was a little dissapointed at the turnout at Gasworks post parade. There seemed to be more people in general, but I only saw about 10 Flickrites at the most. There were a lot more last year. It seemed a lot of the plurkers skipped out early and went for drinks in Ballard.

I have my pre-parade pics posted to Flickr and will be posting the remaining pics throughout the week.

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