Tuesday, April 01, 2008

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Zenzizenzizenzic Burlesque Shoot

Rabelle De la Rose
Originally uploaded by gapey
I finally got the opportunity to check out Nic's new Light Labs Studio. I got to take some photos of 6 talented girls from the new Zenzizenzizenzic burlesque troupe. It was a little different than most shoots I've gone to as in half the time is spent setting up the lighting. I showed up and all the lights were in place and only had to wait a little while for the models to get ready. If I'm to do more of this kind of thing, I think I will need to get more memory cards. I filled up my 4 GB and some of an extra 1GB card I brought. I was even chimping and deleting pics as I shot. I would have liked to shoot even more as a few of the good pics I got were not completely in focus an it's hard to tell on the small camera screen.

More photos from the shoot can be found on my Zenzizenzizenzic Flickr set.

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