Friday, January 25, 2008

Seattle Photography Scene Rocks!

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Who knew when I joined this group one year ago that it would become this? It is just insane how the group has grown since I joined. I've gone to so many meetups with these people and made so many new friends and have learned so much.

This past weekend went far beyond anything I could imagine participating in. Seattle is now the envy of photographers around the country. So, what happened this past weekend was commercial photographer, Chase Jarvis, was able to get Hangar 30 at Magnuson Park for a few hours for our group to use as a photo studio. There was so much interest in this event that we had to put a 50 person limit on the meetup calendar. A date/time was given when it would be put on the calendar. People were glued to their computers ready to sign up when it went on the calendar. 30 people signed up in the first minute it was posted and by a half hour the event was full.

It was amazing to see so many people in one area with light stands and flashes and models going off everywhere. This is the kind of thing people might pay big bucks to attend, but it was completely free as most of our events are. It was fun just to walk around and see what kind of lighting setups other people were using and people were willing to talk to you about their setups and even let you use them for a few minutes.

Not only was Chase there but David Hobby the Strobist master flew in from the East coast to check us out. I think he was pretty impressed. There are blog posts by both Chase and David giving their perspectives of the evening. There's an awesome video on Chase' blog so be sure to check it out. My name is also mentioned in Chase's blog as being one of the organizers for the group which I just started doing in December. Unfortunately he spelled my name Paul instead of Paula but hopefully he gets that resolved.

I got to spend time with one of the models, Erin, which I have pictured here. Mike and I used our own lighting setup with two flashes, one of which was on a stand with an umbrella using Cactus' to trigger one flash off camera with a sync cable to the other flash.

After this event we headed to Chase' studio for drinks, food, discussion, and some even played Guitar Hero.

We will definitely be doing more events like this one with Chase once a quarter or more. We get together several times a month to do various photography related get togethers. If you're into photography at all you should come check out some of our meetups on our calendar. The experience level ranges from beginners with point and shoots to film users to DSLR users with fancy lenses.

Photos everyone took at this meetup can be found on Flickr