Friday, December 19, 2008


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Some people are calling it Arctic Blast 2008, others are calling it Snowpocolypse.

I decided to try out my snowshoes I bought off Craigslist a few months ago since I've got a foot of snow in the yard and I had to make a trek to get the mail and also to knock snow off of the bushes in the yard that were overweight and falling over from all the snow. It was definitely helpful. I put on my snow pants, ear warmers, ski jacket, boots, and snow shoes and out I went. It was a lot easier to get around in those in the deep snow than without. The young neighbor kids have never seen snow shoes before and thought I was walking awkwardly around in skis and wondered why I wasn't skiing in them. I tried to explain that they weren't skis, but snow shoes. They seemed confused. They seemed confused. I don't think they've ever seen a DSLR before either because they called my camera ancient. lol

While snowshoeing around the yard I took a few shots of the yard and neighborhood which is blanketed in snow. Schools were canceled yesterday and today so they were out in large numbers enjoying the snow. My neighbors built this faceless snowman in the front yard. I'll be staying home from work again today and probably won't be leaving the house until next week.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Sultan Scents Gift Bags

Sultan Scents Gift Bags
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I've been busy making soaps and lotions for the holiday season. I've been putting together some gift bags that include a bar of soap and a 4 oz bottle of lotion. I found a few different bag designs for this year while at a cake supply store. If you're interested in purchasing any for yourself or for a gift let me know how many you'd like and in what scent. I currently have almond, apple, black magic, cucumber, evergreen, mulberry and Oatmeal Milk & Honey available. They make for great gifts for the holidays!

Monday, December 01, 2008

Art Photo Fundraiser

Art Photo Fundraiser
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I am donating a framed 10x13 print for an art photo auction fundraiser to support Project Schoolhouse. I chose a photo I took earlier this year of some graffiti in Georgetown. The building it was on was demolished later that day.

The money earned from the auction will go to help pay for a photo documentary and materials to build school houses in Nicaragua. Auction will be held at the Skylark Lounge on Sunday, December 14th from 5PM - 7PM. The Raggedy Ann's will also be performing live at 7.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Wading in the Street
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Last week we had some nasty flooding in my area. Luckily I had the week off from work. Trying to use up all the vacation days I have before the end of the year. I'm glad I didn't have to go to work that week for a few reasons. One because traffic royally sucks due to several roads being closed between here and Redmond and also because I was able to get out and take some pics of the flood while it was close to it's highest point. Flood stage in Sultan is 15 ft and it got up to around 18 ft so downtown area was pretty flooded.

I took some shots of the flood and submitted a few to the local news stations website and I was told by several people that they saw this pic on King5 news at 6:00. Pretty kewl considering how many other pictures were posted to the site that day. They only pic one out of the days users pictures to feature on the news. Unfortunately King5 only goes by usernames and doesn't go by photographer name. Kinda lame, they should really change that. At least they pronounced it right.

A few hours after I went shooting downtown there was a guy canoeing around downtown. I wish I had gotten that pic but someone else did cuz I saw it on one of the news stations sites later that day from the same spot that I was taking pics of.

It didn't take long for the water to recede. We had a little break in the rain this week but it started back up again today. I don't think they are expecting any flooding from this one though.

I live up on a hill so I'm lucky to not have any worries of the flooding it just slows down my commute.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Film Developing

First Self Developed Film
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I've been wanting to learn how to develop film since I was a kid. After going digital I didn't think I'd ever get the chance to do that cuz film is dead right? The Seattle Flickr group is what got me back into playing with film after so many years. We've had a couple of film only meetups with the group which got me into buying a film SLR and a Holga. You can find used film cameras for pretty darn cheap.

So, one of the Flickr members offered to come over and show me how to develop film. I got most of the supplies off of Craigslist for pretty cheap. I still need to scan the photos so I can put some on Flickr but I got a roll of 35mm and 120 developed and am looking forward to shooting and developing more. I'm not sure if/when I will get into enlarging and paper developing. I have a feeling that will take up more time than I am willing to give right now but I wouldn't mind trying it at least once.

I don't plan on doing any color developing and will be sticking to black & white. I'm not sure how much of it I will be doing. I still plan on shooting mostly digital and only getting the film camera out occasionally.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Outdoor Family Portrait Session

Group Family Portrait
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I had my first "official" family portrait session and it was a large one at that. A co-worker asked me to take some outdoor family portraits of his family and his sister's families. It was a challenge shooting 8 adults and 7 kids. Some of my favorite photos were the candids that were taken if the kids playing after the formal shots were done. A big thanks to Mark for assisting me on the shoot. The weather turned out to be great. It was a nice rain free cloudy day so there was no harsh sun to have to deal with.

I doubt I will be doing this on any kind of regular basis but would consider doing it again if it were for a friend. It's a lot of work, especially for a group this big. The post processing was the most time consuming, but it was fun.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Ice Caves

Into the Cave
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I've been wanting to go to Big Four Ice Caves since I found out about them several years ago. The Bridge crossing the river has been washed out for quite a while and they are working on rebuilding it. It was supposed to be done this year but it's not looking hopeful. I received an evite from some friends to go last weekend so I jumped at the opportunity. They were pretty amazing. It wasn't just one or two caves but there were several along the bottom of the mountain. I was surprised by how many wild flowers I saw this time of the year and quite a few were spring wild flowers. It was a short enjoyable hike and would love to come back again sometime. More pics from the hike can be found on my Flickr Stream.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Kidney/Liver Detox

Fruits & Vegetables
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I'm on to the final phase of my detox, it's the hardest one as it requires a 5 day fruit and vegetable fast. I was able to eat fruits and vegetables yesterday but for the next 3 days I can only drink them. So far I haven't had any negative side effects from this as some people do, but it's still early. I'm expecting by tomorrow I will have little energy. I am working from home today and Monday just in case. I borrowed about a dozen movies from a friend so that should keep me busy for the weekend. I have no plans on going anywhere.

My fridge has never been so full of fruits and vegetables, I barely have room for anything else. I tried to get a shot of all the fruits and vegetables I have right now and just realized I forgot to put bananas in the pic. I also had oranges but made them into juice and will be going blueberry picking after work today at Life Mountain Blueberries in Gold Bar. They are only $2/lb if you pick them yourself or $3 already picked.

Last night I made some Potassium Broth which I will be drinking for the next couple of days. It took longer than expected to make as I had to peel 50 cloves of garlic so was up late last night making that for today. It also has carrots, beets, celery, potato peels, and onions. It actually smelled pretty good. I hope it tastes as good as it smells.

There's also a morning flush concoction I am drinking every morning for 5 days that contains orange juice, lemon, garlic, olive oil, ginger, and water. I drank the last of my OJ this morning so am going to make some apple juice today and give that a try tomorrow.

More info on the program I'm doing can be found here.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Week 41 - Darkroom
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I recently started shooting some film. It all started with an all film meetup event in my photography group. Film cameras come pretty cheap these days so I picked up an Olympus OMG to play around with. I've shot off a few rolls and got a few good shots. Developing my own film is something I have been fascinated with since I was a kid and have always wanted to learn how to do it. I never really thought I'd go back to film after going digital but here I am.

I now have all the things I need to develop my own film. I've been reading about it and watching some videos and have an idea of what I need to do. I'm only planning on doing black & white so I need to get to shooting so I can have something to develop. I'd love it if I could find someone that would be willing to come out and help me through it the first time around so I don't mess it up. I'll make dinner for anyone willing to come out and give me a little tutorial.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Mmmm Formula #2
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Some people may think this is TMI but whatever, I'm posting it anyway...

A friend talked me into doing a Colon and Kidney cleanse. Today was Day 1 of the Colon cleanse and when that is done I will move on to the Kidney cleanse. I have had a Kidney infection in the past and numerous bladder infections, too many to even count. For a while I was getting them once a month and the doctor's despite many blood tests and x-rays and other tests I won't go into they couldn't find anything wrong. Obviously something was wrong that just isn't normal. After realizing it seemed to be happening at the same time every month I thought maybe it had something to do with my BC. So I decided to take a break from it and what do you know the infections stopped. How is it I could figure this out myself but a urologist and a gynecologist couldn't put two and two together? After 6 months no infections and I decided to go back on the pill, but a different one. Things were fine for many months until I got another one recently. Bye bye BC. I think it was doing some other things to my body that just aren't healthy so I've decided to stop taking it again and I doubt I will ever get back on it. It messes with hormones and it's just not good for you.

I've started taking D-Mannose which is a natural occurring simple sugar that is supposed to help prevent bacteria from sticking and is even used to treat bladder infections.

Another thing I've been taking recently is Acidophilus Pearls. It's supposed to have the same benefit as eating a cup of yogurt. It's good for your digestive tract and doesn't have the calories, cholesterol, sugars, or lactose found in yogurt.

For the Colon Cleanse I'm using Dr. Schulze's Formula #1 and #2. I have to take a capsule of #1 with dinner and the #2 is a powder which I need to take a teaspoon of with 8 oz of water/juice 5 times a day. I think it also comes in capsule form and at first I was wishing I had the capsule but the stuff actually tastes kind of good. It's like a peppermint tea so I don't think it will be as bad as I thought it would be. These are the ingredients in the #2 formula: Flax seed, Linum usitatissimum, Apple Fruit Pectin, Malus communis, Pharmaceutical Grade Bentonite Clay, Psyllium seed and husk, Plantago psyllium, Slippery Elm inner bark, Ulmus fulva, Marshmallow root, Althaea officinalis, Peppermint leaf, Mentha piperita and Activated Willow Charcoal, Salix alba.

I'm not sure yet what all is involved in the Kidney cleanse. I do know it will require meals of fruit and vegetable juices and no solid foods. It could be tough but I think I'm up for the challenge. I think it's only for 5 days so I think I can do it.

I've also been drinking distilled water which isn't as easy to find as one might think. Especially in the 2.5 gallon water jugs I like to get. I'm thinking maybe an investment in a a water distiller might be in order.

Hopefully I'll be done with all this cleansing/detoxification stuff by the time I go to Sacramento at the end of the month.

New Camera

Olympus E-3 First Shot
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I've had my Olympus E-500 for 2 and a half years now. Olympus has come out with a few new DSLR's since then. There have been a few new Olympus users join the Seattle Flickr Group and a couple of them have the E3, Olympus' professional model DSLR. They've let me try them out and one even let me borrow it for several hours to shoot the low tide a few months ago. I had originally thought about getting the new E520 that just came out which has a lot of the features I wanted but isn't splash proof.

I decided to bite the bullet a few weeks ago and ordered an E3 off of Ebay from Cameta who I've ordered my past few cameras from. I got a couple hundred dollar discount because it was a floor model. I changed my work from home day last week so I could be home when it arrived and take it with me to the Flickr Brews & Views at the Garage. My first shot with it was at a wine store in Seattle. It arrived later than I had hoped so I didn't have a chance to play with it at home. I took more shots at this month's Brews & Views than any other I've attended. I just love being able to shoot a higher ISO and not have it look like complete crap.

I will probably keep my E-500 as a backup unless someone begs me to let them buy it. A friend is borrowing it at the moment to try out.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


looking up
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I've been wanting to go to Georgetown for a photoshoot for quite a while. They seem to be tearing buildings down over there every day. I finally went last Thursday for a few hours before my afternoon flight to Vegas. There was some interesting architecture, lots of brick buildings (my fav), graffiti, stickers, junk yard, antique shops, bakeries, and some bars and restaurants I'd like to check out some time.

I'm really glad I went when I did, but wish I had gone sooner. One of the most colorfully graffitied buildings was being torn down that day in a matter of hours. We were probably the last people to photograph it. Both the front and back of the building were covered in graffiti art. It's sad to think it's all gone now. There's really not much graffiti left in Georgetown now and I'm sure there were a lot more that has been torn down.

I'm not sure what they are planning to do with the space where these great buildings were, but they will be missed. More photos can be found in my Georgetown Photostroll set on Flickr.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Dark Room

utility sink parts
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Today these parts will be transformed into a functioning sink in my laundry room. I have a friend coming over today to put it all together. I bought a sink with a table from Ikea and put that together myself even though the directions suggested it be a 2 man job. I enjoy putting crap together and making it into something useful. I did a countless number of jigsaw puzzles when I was a kid. Not quite the same thing, but it kind of reminds me of that. I just like buying stuff that's in a million pieces and then having to put it all together.

So the purpose of this utility sink install is so I can make my laundry room into a dark room. I still need to get all the dark room supplies and I'm most likely only going to play around with black & white. I still need to finish off a roll of color in my camera and start shooting some black and white so I'll have something to develop. Looking forward to playing around with this stuff.

Monday, July 07, 2008

4th of July Weekend

photogs under the pier
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It was again another busy weekend and am still working on processing all the photos from it.

I took Thursday off from work to shoot the low tide (-4 ft) at Lincoln Park in West Seattle. It was pouring down rain at my house and looked like it was raining pretty hard everywhere around Puget Sound. I was chatting with a friend online before heading out and he offered to loan me his Olympus E3 camera which is the high end DSLR that is splash proof and will function fine even in a downpour. I accepted the offer and stopped to pick it up in Burien on my way to West Seattle. It ended up not raining at all by the time I got to the park. The camera's controls are very different from what I was used to and needed a crash course before taking off with it. It didn't take long to get the hang of it. I also borrowed his FL-50R flash which can be used wirelessly without any additional equipment on the camera or flash. It just made me want one even more. I've got my low tide pics posted on Flickr. After shooting for a few hours, we had lunch at Elliott Bay Brewery where I had fish and chips and a dark hard cider. We proceeded to Cupcake Royale for cupcakes where I tried the lavender cupcake. The cupcake was a little on the dry side but the frosting seemed better than I remember for a Cupcake Royale cupcake. Not as sweet as some of the others I've had.

Later that afternoon I met up with some friends for a wine tasting at Esquin where I bought a case of their summer wine sampler for $79. I just couldn't pass up that bargain. There's a wide range of wines in the case with both whites and reds. I'm beginning to wish I had a wine cellar!

After the wine tasting, I headed to First Thursday Artwalk in Pioneer Square to meet up with a few others. I took a few pics which I still need to get posted. Was going to have dinner at J&M but the service was pretty much non-existant after sitting at a table for about 20 minutes. We decided to leave and ended up at Trattoria Mitchelli, down the street and had a salad and a piece of yummy pizza. Dinner was followed by a Sake tasting which I had never done before. It was pretty tasty. It was all this place sold. I didn't know there were so many.

I decided to get out of the house for a change for the 4th this year and went to a BBQ at a friend's in Fremont that lives close to Gasworks. Didn't have too much trouble finding parking since I got there around 4:30. Most of us went to watch the fireworks near the bridge and ended up finding some good spots. We hung out for a little while afterwards at the nearby friend's place till traffic died down and had no trouble getting home afterwards. Fireworks pics will be posted in the next couple of days.

Sunday, I had a ladies brunch at a friend's. There was a long list of wonderfully delicious drinks and food. Strawberry Mint Sangria, Cucumber Sangria, sliced fruit with creme fraiche, goat cheese tart with mixed greens, grilled chicken apple sausage, grilled asparagus and onion, chedder dill scones, grapefruit sorbet, and mixed berry blitzes. Twas a yummy brunch. Some food pics from the brunch will be coming soon as well.

I also got some utility sink supplies over the weekend to have installed tomorrow in my laundry room where I'm hoping to get a dark room set up. If you know how to process film and would like to come over some time to give me some pointers, I'll feed you in exchange. I'm only planning on developing black & white at this point. I don't think I'll get into color processing.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Caffe Ladro and the Solstice Parade

Another busy summer (if you can call it that) weekend was had. After work on Friday, went to a friend's for dinner and a movie. We watched Waiting on DVD. It was in my Netflix queue, but was surprised I hadn't seen it yet. It was my kind of movie. I love Dane Cook and Ryan Reynolds. They are some funny guys and cute too!

I then proceeded to Sean's to check out the Dandy Warhols at Showbox SODO. We got there in time to hear a bit of the opening bands which were not so good. The band was actually pretty good, but the lead singer seemed to ruin it for them. It was my first show at Showbox SODO. It was nice and cool, maybe a little too cool. It was an all ages show in basically a big warehouse. The main floor had a bar sectioned off. There was another, more fancy bar area on the left at a higher level than the main floor. It was actually a completely separate room with some garage doors and windows that open up to the main floor. There were tables and chairs and they also apparently served food there as well but I never saw the menu to see what they had. The sound was not very good from this other room. We sat through a few of the Dandy's songs there and then proceeded back out onto the main floor for the rest of the concert. It seemed like a rather short concert even though we were there till about 1:00. Maybe because there were two opening bands, but they didn't even do an encore...

Saturday morning rolled around too quickly. I met up with the Flickrites at Caffe Ladro in Fremont for the Solstice Parade. I was thinking I probably wouldn't have even gone if I wasn't the organizer, but I'm glad I went. I got a lot of great shots. Pretty much all my shots were from the staging area before the parade and at Gasworks following the parade. I was a little dissapointed at the turnout at Gasworks post parade. There seemed to be more people in general, but I only saw about 10 Flickrites at the most. There were a lot more last year. It seemed a lot of the plurkers skipped out early and went for drinks in Ballard.

I have my pre-parade pics posted to Flickr and will be posting the remaining pics throughout the week.

Saturday, June 14, 2008


I was wondering the other day how you make these things, well I found a site from Tamelyn's Flickr stream and created one of my own. I actually had to remove a tag for "SeattleFlickrMeetup" because the letters ended up being way too huge and you couldn't even see what the other words are. I apparently have a lot of photos with that tag which is no surprise. So here's the final result.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New lens is here!

new toy
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I got my new 30mm lens in the mail yesterday. It will make for a great portrait lens and should be great for concerts and bars and food and pretty much everything! I have taken a few pics with it so far and am looking forward to using it a lot. My lens collection continues to grow, but still have a ways to go before I catch up to Jackie's impressive lens collection.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Dancing with Matt

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There was a good turnout at Gasworks Park on Saturday for Matt's final dance for his 3rd dancing around the world video. It was a tough decision on whether to take pics or to dance for the video. As you can see, I decided to take pics.

I ran into several of my Burningman friends that I haven't seen in ages. I thought I may see some there as several are friends with Matt and his girlfriend.

More pics from the event can be found in my Dancing with Matt set on Flickr.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Pela @ Tractor Tavern

Billy soaks up the Seattle love
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Went to the show with Mike and had dinner at Sam's Sushi, where I had a yummy dynamite roll. I don't remember what all was in it, but it was spicy.

The doors were supposed to open for The Tractor at 8:00 but didn't end up opening till about 8:45. All the Tractor had for cider was not so cold Strongbow in a can. After my wine party last night, Mike had decided to go on a week ban from drinking alcohol, which didn't last more than a day. That peer pressure is rough!

It was my first concert at the Tractor. Daniel G Harmann & The Trouble Starts was the opening band. I had checked out their myspace page before the concert and decided they were worth seeing. They seemed a little older in age for an indie band, but they sounded pretty good. There wasn't a whole lot of people there yet and still lots of room in front of the stage. The second they finished, Mike and I rushed to the front of the stage to get a good spot for Pela.

I saw Pela for the first time at last year's KEXP BBQ and they were awesome then and still going strong. It was nice to see them at a smaller venue and was my first "front row" concert. It was great, except for the drunk crazy dancing girl that was next to me. I guess it's to be expected when you're in the front row, but I think she spent more time talking/yelling to her friends during the concert than actually watching it. They played for about an hour and a half and hung out and drank with some fans after the show.

Looking forward to seeing some more concerts in Seattle. Thinking about Lightspeed at Chop Suey. Don't have plans yet for any other concerts.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Busy Weekend!

Admiralty Head Lighthouse
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It was a long busy weekend. I think I got enough Vitamin D from the sun to last me a while. I was good and used sunscreen so I didn't get burnt but I'm starting to get tan again.

I was one of the many that took Friday off to enjoy the sun. I didn't have any specific plans, was thinking of just doing some yard work and cleaning house to prepare for a wine and cheese party at my house on Saturday. Instead of sticking around the house, I ended up going kayaking around the arboretum with a friend. Had decided to go to Ray's for some drinks/food and sit out on the deck but even at 4:00 they were jam packed. We decided to go to Ballard instead but weren't sure of which places had decks. Seems like all my friends these days live in Ballard so I twittered my friends asking and came back with a few options. We ended up at King's Hardware for some Burgers and margaritas.

Saturday was the Flickr Photostroll at the Zoo on a 90 degree day. Nearly 100 people had signed up but it ended up only being 40-50. We couldn't stay in one group longer than 15 minutes but met up at the food pavilion 3 hours later which didn't appear to be enough time to see everything. About 16 of us met up at the Smash Wine Bar & Bistro after the stroll. Good food and drinks, would definitely go back. They appeared to have very good margaritas and I want to try one.

Sunday I went out to Fort Casey on Whidbey Island with the North Sound Photography Meetup group. I think I've only been on Whidbey Island once and it was just driving through. I like photographing lighthouses and I hadn't seen this one and the weather was great so it was a good trip. I didn't know too many people in this group. It was only my second outing with them but a fellow Seattle Flickrite went too.

So now I'm trying to catch up on all my house work and yard work during the week along with processing pictures from the weekend, which I just finished yesterday. I even planted a couple of hanging baskets (Fuchsias and petunias) for the backyard. I'd like to get one more done but I want to find some Nasturtiums for it. I may go out to The Flower Farm in Maltby on Friday to pick some up. If anyone has any it would be them!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

KEXP live with Cloud Cult @ Sonic Boom

Cloud Cult is one of my favorite bands and also one of my favorite live performances. I got to see them play a few songs up close at Sonic Boom yesterday afternoon in Ballard before seeing them again that night at Neumos. I saw and heard them for the first time at the KEXP BBQ last summer and fell in love with their music. They just put out a new album and it's as good if not better than the first.

During each show they have a person on either side of the stage painting to the music. Each painting they do is different. I'd love to buy one, but I don't think I would pay as much for them as they probably go for. They auction them off in a silent auction at the end of each show. They are fun to watch an listen to.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

standing tall
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This was my third visit to the Tulip Festival. I almost didn't make it this year. Luckily because the tulips bloomed later than usual, they extended the festival out another weekend. Unfortunately Saturday wasn't the greatest of weather. It was rainy and muddy, but managed to get some good shots anyway. I'm still amazed at how much my photography has improved over the last year. My shots from last year don't compare to those taken this year. I even took some film shots too but have to wait a little longer before I can post any of those.

I spent most of today in Seattle. Met up with a few people for brunch at Cyclopse in Belltown then met up with a few people and checked out the Ballard Market. I finished off my first roll of Black & White film. I haven't yet figured out what I'm going to do about developing. I don't know of any places on the east side that will develop it. I'm not sure how soon I'll have a dark room set up and I'm not sure when I'd be able to get to Seattle to drop off the film. Seems like most of the places in Seattle have normal business hours and aren't open on weekends which makes it a little difficult for me to get there.

After shooting the Ballard Market for a while, grabbed a Frap at Starbucks and relaxed in the sunshine for a couple hours while waiting for Iron Man to start. I've heard nothing but great things about the movie so I finally saw it and have to agree, it was a great movie and I'm glad I got to see it in a theater. Don't forget to stay till the end of the credits if you haven't seen it yet.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Local Vine

wine and cheese
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Went to The Local Vine Tuesday night with a couple friends for a $5 wine tasting of Australian wines. They are probably my most favorite wines. Shiraz's are probably my most favorite.

There was a time when I hated red wines and only dranik whites, mostly Chardonnay. Now I'm pretty much the opposite. I don't even remember the last time I drank a white wine.

$5 at The Local Vine gets you 3 tastes of wines. If you buy any bottles the $5 fee is waved. I bought a bottle of the 2003 Shingleback Cabernet Sauvignon. We stayed and shared a bottle of the 2005 Cotes du Rhone and a couple different cheeses. I would definitely go back.

They have wine tastings every Tuesday. I would definitely go back.

The Local Vine on Urbanspoon

Sunday, April 27, 2008

My first film SLR

My first film SLR
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Film? Film? I never woulda thought I'd be shooting film again after going digital. Digital cameras were the awesomest invention evar. No money spent on film developing, no waiting for film to get developed, no spending money on film. Going digital was like a dream come true.

So why did I buy it? I'm still wondering that myself. I guess mostly for something new. There are still a surprisingly large number of film users out there. My first film camera since going digital was a Holga. It was cheap and my Flickr Meetup group had a Holga day at Pike Place one day so I thought what the heck I'll give it a try. After four rolls of film I only got a few decent shots. What can you expect from a $30 camera? There are people that get some pretty good results out of them though. One thing I learned is to use at least 400 speed film and to be sure to tape the back because it is likely to fall off if you don't. There isn't much to those cameras. Only two settings to worry about.

My new cam on the other hand is an SLR with sliders and buttons and nobs all over. I would be totally lost on how to use the thing if I had bought it a year ago. It's really not all that different than a digital SLR. This camera in particular though only has aperature priority and manual modes. No shutter priority.

Mike talked me into using some slide film which I think I've only ever used on accident and didn't see any reason to use it. Well there's this thing called cross processing you can do with it which could give some interesting results. So we'll see what happens.

Yesterday the Seattle Flickr group had a meetup for film only cameras and I was surprised to see how large of a turnout we had. I think there were at least 30 people and it was a beautiful day. I actually bought this camera on the way to the meetup. It didn't take too long for me to figure out how to use it. The body itself was $89 and the lens was $49. I'm sure I could have found the camera for a lot cheaper on ebay but I needed it now and since I bought it at Kenmore Camera I knew it would be in good working condition and it also comes with a 60 Day warranty which I think is worth the extra money. I also got a free neck strap which I late found it says Canon on it. Though it's pretty discreet and you can't see it says Canon without looking really close as it's engraved into the leather.

I decided to stick with the aperature priority mode for my first roll of film. Once I get more comfortable with it I may go manual. I'm looking forward to some more fun with this camera.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Flickr Videos!

Macchu Picchu
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Wow, you can now post videos on Flickr. Though the limit is 90 seconds, which some people are complaining about but think it's fine. I doubt I will post many as I don't have a video camera other than what's on my old Olympus Point & Shoot. I have a few crappy ones from Burningman and this one from a trip to Macchu Picchu in Peru in 2007.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Zenzizenzizenzic Burlesque Shoot

Rabelle De la Rose
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I finally got the opportunity to check out Nic's new Light Labs Studio. I got to take some photos of 6 talented girls from the new Zenzizenzizenzic burlesque troupe. It was a little different than most shoots I've gone to as in half the time is spent setting up the lighting. I showed up and all the lights were in place and only had to wait a little while for the models to get ready. If I'm to do more of this kind of thing, I think I will need to get more memory cards. I filled up my 4 GB and some of an extra 1GB card I brought. I was even chimping and deleting pics as I shot. I would have liked to shoot even more as a few of the good pics I got were not completely in focus an it's hard to tell on the small camera screen.

More photos from the shoot can be found on my Zenzizenzizenzic Flickr set.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Northern State Hospital

barn doors
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Went to the Northern State Hospital in Sedro Woolley on Sunday with the North Sound Photography Meetup group. It was my first meetup with this group. They're a lot smaller than the Seattle Flickr group. It was kind of nice to go out with a smaller group for a change. I twittered abount my plans to head out there and and Jen decided to come out too. There was a total of 10 of us. We managed to stay together for the most part. Afterwards we had a nice dinner at the Cascade Brewery in Burlington.

This might be the most fun place to photograph that I've been. It's an old hospital for the insane that has been abandoned for several years. The place is over-run with blackberries. Broken glass, moldy wood and brick are everywhere you look. I'm looking forward to going back again, maybe in a few weeks.

If you're a photographer and like shooting this kind of stuff, don't wait! More pics from the place can be found on my Flickr stream.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Center for Wooden Boats

wooden boat
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Thanks to one of Penopoly's suggestions for a photo stroll last month, the Seattle Flickr group did a stroll at The Center for Wooden Boats this past Saturday and had one of our biggest photo strolls to date. It's unknown exactly how many people showed up but we had 84 Yes RSVP's and several more Maybe's. The weather cooperated and the sun even came out for a little while. We had a lot of new members show up and it looked like everyone had a good time. We met up at the Nickerson Street Saloon afterwards for some drinks and food. If you want to check out the rest of my pics from the stroll, here is my Flickr set from the event.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Deathcake Royale

Deathcake Royale
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If you like chocolate and you know you do and you haven't had one of these Deathcakes from Cupcake Royale, get off your bum and get one NOW. They are delish! For $6 you can get this awesome cake made with layers of single-origin chocolate decadence, espresso ganache, and chocolate cake drenched in dark chocolate ganache. Only available until Valentines day so hurry before it's too late!

ps. There's a post on the Metroblogging site with some of my deathcake pics.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Seattle Photography Scene Rocks!

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Who knew when I joined this group one year ago that it would become this? It is just insane how the group has grown since I joined. I've gone to so many meetups with these people and made so many new friends and have learned so much.

This past weekend went far beyond anything I could imagine participating in. Seattle is now the envy of photographers around the country. So, what happened this past weekend was commercial photographer, Chase Jarvis, was able to get Hangar 30 at Magnuson Park for a few hours for our group to use as a photo studio. There was so much interest in this event that we had to put a 50 person limit on the meetup calendar. A date/time was given when it would be put on the calendar. People were glued to their computers ready to sign up when it went on the calendar. 30 people signed up in the first minute it was posted and by a half hour the event was full.

It was amazing to see so many people in one area with light stands and flashes and models going off everywhere. This is the kind of thing people might pay big bucks to attend, but it was completely free as most of our events are. It was fun just to walk around and see what kind of lighting setups other people were using and people were willing to talk to you about their setups and even let you use them for a few minutes.

Not only was Chase there but David Hobby the Strobist master flew in from the East coast to check us out. I think he was pretty impressed. There are blog posts by both Chase and David giving their perspectives of the evening. There's an awesome video on Chase' blog so be sure to check it out. My name is also mentioned in Chase's blog as being one of the organizers for the group which I just started doing in December. Unfortunately he spelled my name Paul instead of Paula but hopefully he gets that resolved.

I got to spend time with one of the models, Erin, which I have pictured here. Mike and I used our own lighting setup with two flashes, one of which was on a stand with an umbrella using Cactus' to trigger one flash off camera with a sync cable to the other flash.

After this event we headed to Chase' studio for drinks, food, discussion, and some even played Guitar Hero.

We will definitely be doing more events like this one with Chase once a quarter or more. We get together several times a month to do various photography related get togethers. If you're into photography at all you should come check out some of our meetups on our calendar. The experience level ranges from beginners with point and shoots to film users to DSLR users with fancy lenses.

Photos everyone took at this meetup can be found on Flickr