Sunday, August 05, 2007

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Hurricane Ridge jumping crew
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I had a plan to do more hiking this year and even bought an annual Northwest Trail Pass in hopes of using it, a lot. The plan is finally getting some action. I was starting to doubt I was going to get much hiking done as I've been so busy with other things. I've found quite a few fellow Flickrites who also enjoy hiking and have been on a couple of hikes already in the past month which is more than I went last year. I'm going out again on Tuesday to Mt Rainier's Spray Falls/Park. So, I'd say my plan is a success.

I went to Hurricane Ridge and Lake Crescent a few weeks ago with 7 guys from the Flickr group and Noble Knob yesterday with 3 other Flickrites and a dog. I'm taking Tuesday off from work this week for the Mt Rainier Spray Park/Falls trip with 3 other Flickrites. There is also another Hurricane Ridge/Lake Crescent trip coming up where we will be staying at a cabin on Lake Crescent for the night, which I'm also looking forward to.

There were a TON of unripe huckleberries on the Noble Knob hike. I was sooo sad they weren't ripe enough to eat. I love me some huckleberries. I'm guessing they will be ready for picking in about 3 weeks. I'm going to have to go on a hike at the end of the month to get my huckleberry fix. I haven't figured out where that hike will be yet.

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