Monday, July 23, 2007

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whale watching

orca family
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I got up early on Saturday morning and met some Flickrites in Seattle at 6:45 AM to go on a Victoria Clipper Whale Watching Tour in the San Juans. I didn't have any high hopes of getting any good shots of whales. I figured if we saw any at all they would be way far away. I don't have as good of a telephoto lens as most of the other people in the group, just the one that came with my camera (40-150mm). The trip turned out to be way more than I bargained for. The guide said it was one of the best tours they've taken all season. I saw 3 whales jump completely out of the water however I wasn't fast enough to get any shots of those, but a few other people did. I did get some good close up shots though. Where was a pod of whales that came within a few yards of the boat. I was not expecting to get to see them up that close, it was a real treat!

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