Monday, July 02, 2007

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Jumping Fools

Fake fisheye? Why not!
Originally uploaded by Viking054
My Flickr group seems to be a bunch of jumping addicts. Yeah it's silly, but it's also fun and a great work out. Saturday night a few of us met up at a park on Beacon Hill, where this was taken. I didn't happen to take this one, but I couldn't resist using it for my post cuz it's too good not to. It's kind of funny to see all the weird looks we get while we're doing this too.

After the 4 of us jumped around we went to Sculpture Park and met up with a few more people to get some sunset pics. In case you didn't know, Sculpture Park closes at 9:00 so we got kicked out and had to take pics from the trail down below the park.

And then after much indecisiveness, we ended up at the parking garage at UW to do more jumping with a flash setup, including two umbrella's. They are getting fancy.

Net jump shots will probably be at my house this Saturday which may include a trampoline. That should be interesting...

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