Thursday, April 05, 2007

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I was all excited and had high expectations for this new Multiplayer game that is coming out. Lots of old buddies from my AC and SWG days are playing it so it must be good, right? Umm no not quite. I was highly dissapointed in this game.

I pre-ordered the game in order to get in on the beta testing that started last Friday and to get in on the low subscription price of $10/month. I've been playing it a lot over the past few days, getting my elf to level 14 with the max level for beta being 15. Finally last night I decided this just is not fun.... at all and went back to playing CoH. I really thought this might be the game that takes me away from CoH.

Here are just a few of the reasons I do not like this game:
1) The quests are mostly self quests that you can not share in a group. There is a series of fellowship quests but there are not many. You can do self quests in a fellowship if the other person also has that quest. But it can be hard to find a group that has the exact same quests as you do. I spent most of my time playing by myself because of this. I thought the point of a multiplayer game was to play with other people.
2) It takes FOREVER to travel anywhere in the game. I spent 3x, maybe more, more traveling than killing stuff.
3) It's impossible for a low level to team with a high level. In order to team with someone else you pretty much need to be within the same 4-5 levels or you will get pummeled.
4) Each character class appears to start in a totally different town which are way way far apart from eachother so if you want to play with your friends you have to either travel for an hour to get to your friend or you have to start a char that is the same class as your friend.
5) Some of the quests are very vague in where you have to go and you spend about as much time looking for someone or something as you do traveling to get there.
6) Most of the quests are just stupid. The quest I got that finally made me decide to stop playing was one where I had to carry something or other somewhere without running into a "nosey hobbit". Well the distance you had to carry it took about 10 mins, the chances of you running into a nosey hobbit = high. First of all it took me a while just to figure out where I needed to take it because that part of the map wasn't uncovered yet. My first attempt I got almost there and ran into a hobbit so the quest failed and I had to start ALL over again. I ran back to get the quest again and got about halfway to where I needed to go and realized I forgot to pick up the thing I was supposed to be carrying. I swore and said scroo this I'm done and haven't logged back on since.

I wish I had a way to keep track of the time I spent doing various things like traveling, searching, and killing. My guess is 20% killing, 50% traveling 30% searching. You need a lot of patience for this game that I just don't have. I don't know about you, but when I play a game I like to kill stuff. 20% is just not enough for me. I think CoH really spoiled me because it takes almost no time to get from one place to another. You have travel powers that make you fly or run fast or jump high. Plus there are trams that you can get on to instantly go from one place to another and there's even base portals that can take you wherever. And with the addition of the base recall power you can get anywhere in no time at all.

So no, I don't think I'll be playing LOTRO. Sorry old friends, maybe some day there will be another game I will enjoy as much as CoH, I have yet to find it.

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