Saturday, April 28, 2007

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I'm getting so excited to get my braces off I can hardly stand it. If all goes well they should come off in a couple of months. I was actually asked if I'd like to get them off on my next appointment when I went on Thursday for an adjustment. I was really tempted to say yes take them off now, but there is one tooth that could use some adjusting still. I'm thinking the tooth may just be an odd shape and won't ever be perfect. It's one of the side teeth so it's not a big deal. So next time I go in and they ask that question I'm going to say hell yeah I want them off.

I just hate that they schedule my appointments so far apart. 6-8 weeks apart they are. I asked them to do 6 weeks. Though I may have to call and reschedule because as it stands now I will be in Atlanta during my next appointment. Maybe I can trick them and have them schedule it a week early instead of a week later.

The first thing I wanna do when I get them off is go see a movie and get a big bag of popcorn with lots of butter smothered all over it. mmmm

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