Tuesday, January 23, 2007

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Man my teeth are in pain today. Went to the ortho yesterday and they shaved my bottom teeth. :o Before I got braces they took two top teeth out because they were too crowded and there wasn't really room in my mouth for them. So out they came. They gave me the option of taking two out from the bottom too but I decided to pass on that. So instead they are shaving the teeth to make more room. Yes it's as bad as it sounds. It was this tiny circular saw that they stuck between 5 of my bottom teeth. A couple times he went a little too far. Ouch! Luckily I took some Ibuprofin before my appointment so it could have been a lot worse. I bled a little. So now I have a small space inbetween a bunch of my bottom teeth. I also have to wear elastics which I've been wearing for quite some time, but I have to wear them in a different place this time to move my back bottom teeth forward to close the gaps the shaving created. I think this is what is causing the most pain. I'm going to be eating soup for a couple days I think.

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  1. Ow! Just reading that makes me wince. Good luck to you, and make friends with some ice cream shakes.